Universal Hundesport Club

Universal Hundesport Club
Offering: Show, Breed survey, AD and Character Assessment Test
Location: 201 Lincoln Rd., Tyrone GA 30290
Judge – SV Jochen Prall
Event contact Nadia Adams
Contact email: nadia0370@gmail.com

Horand Hundesport Club

Host Club: Horand Hundesport Club
Offering: Show, Breed survey, AD, Character Test
Location: 14514 Lightner Rd., Haymarket VA 20169-2575
Event Secretary: Priyanka Turka
Judge: SV Robert Lang
Event Contact: Abhai Kaul, 614-598-7546, kaulabhai@gmail.com

Twin Oaks Club

Twin Oaks Club Trial, Breed survey, Character Assessment Test and AD
Location: 551 SE 215th Ave, Morriston FL 32668
Event Secretary: Colby Hernandez
Offering: BH, IGP, IGP-FH, FH, AD, Character Assessment Test, Breed survey
Judge: SV Jurgen Maubuchen
Helpers: Manuel Servio
Event Contact: Colby Hernandez 305-360-0648, twinoaksdogclub@gmail.com

Greater Gainesville Working Dog Club

Greater Gainsville Working Dog Club
Location: 12351 N.E. 55 Place, Williston FL 32696
Event Chair: Sue Hares
Event Secretary: Ann Beattie
Offering: BH, IGP, AD, Character Assessment Test
Judge: SV Manfred Drescher
Helpers: Mario Gomez
Event Contact: Janis Skeath, 352-514-8725, hannaberry01@yahoo.com