Regional Club Challenge

Regional Club Challenge



The mission of the Regional Club Challenge is to recognize the activities of the GSDCA Regional Clubs and to foster growth through competition as well as the sharing of ideas and resources.  In addition, the GSDCA Regional Club Challenge is meant to promote camaraderie among the individual members within the regional clubs associated with the GSDCA by encouraging competition with other clubs.

All GSDCA Regional Clubs who are in good standing (GSDCA yearly club dues have been paid) are encouraged to participate in the Challenge as well as all of her activities proposed by the GSDCA Regional Club Committee.

The Regional Club Challenge will award points to the Regional Club whose members compete in a variety of activities ranging from titles and awards to member recruitment.


The GSDCA Regional Club Challenge competition year runs from July 1 thru June 30 of each year.  This will allow time for points to be compiled prior to the National, Regional clubs may receive credit for events or titles earned during that time.

Awards will be presented at the National to the “Best Regional Club of the Year” according to the size of the club.

Small Club                                1 to 25 Members

Medium Club                            26 to 60 Members

Intermediate Club                   61 to 99 Members

Large Club                                99+ Members


Each GSDCA Regional Secretary must submit a roster of all dues paying members for their club as of June 30 each year (prior to the beginning of he competition year). Please also list any honorary, lifetime or non-dues paying members although all members (i.e. honorary and lifetime members who do not pay dues, may contribute to the points awarded each regional club.)  A copy of this roster must also be submitted along with your club’s challenge documents and entry forms.


Anyone becoming a member of a regional club between July 1 – June 30 of a Challenge year may have his/her awards and titles included in the regional club’s point total once they become a member. However, this member’s points will not be counted towards the club size until the following competition year. Awards received prior to becoming a regional club member will not be counted. Regional club secretaries must send any membership updates to the GSDCA and Regional Club Challenge committee so that their Regional Club receives credit for new members joining their club.


GSDCA Regional Club Challenge points will be awarded for titles that were earned in the United States.  No titles earned outside the United States or from an organization other than the AKC, GSDCA-SV or the GSDCA will be applicable to the Regional Club competition.


Anyone requesting Challenge points be awarded (this includes individual members, the Regional Club’s Challenge Representative or the GSDCA Regional Club Secretary) must use the Regional Club Challenge Award Form in order to insure Challenge points will be awarded. Individual members who are requesting points must only designate one club to receive the points awarded. Individuals submitting a form for Challenge points earned must be a member of the GSDCA Regional Club named on the form they are submitting.  Points will not be split between multiple clubs if a member belongs to more than one regional club.  The Regional Club Challenge committee strongly suggests that each Regional Club appoint a “Challenge Representative” to collect and submit the club’s entry.  Sorry, only German Shepherds are eligible to receive awards.


Please include a scanned copy of one of the following along with the Regional Club Challenge Entry Form.

Remember the first page of this form MUST be completed for EACH individual dog, and only one form may be submitted for each dog. (Entries submitted without this form properly completed will not be counted.) You need only print and submit those subsequent pages containing the particular titles for this dog, and all multiple titles for this dog should be indicated on this form. If requesting points for collective/group club awards or events, you may submit one Regional Club Challenge Award Form as a summary.  In fact, a separate form should be included for each club’s collective/group contributions should also indicate the name of your Regional Club’s Challenge representative.

AKC/ GSDCA-IGP Certificate of Award

Notice of Award or Title in AKC, GSDCA-IGP, or GSDCA official publication (i.e the Review)

For additional information, questions, or to submit forms, please contact Katherine Spilos at