2024 Show Results

Show secretaries please proof read the results book before sending: Show giving Clubs: Please send your marked catalogs in PDF format to newshowresults@gsdca.org. If you need assistance with creating a marked catalog as a PDF file please contact us at the same email address. Instruct your photographers to send photos or download links to the same address.
6/9/2024 Northeast Futurity/Maturity Marked Catalog
Judges: Gail Stiefferman
6/2/2024 Midwest Futurity/Maturity Marked Catalog
Judge: Linda Bankead
5/31/-6/1/2024 GSDC of Minneapolis & St. Paul Marked Catalog
Judges: Cyndi Flautt & Gloria Birch
5/17/2024 South Pacific Futurity/Maturity Marked Catalog
Judges: .Jeanne Hamiliton
5/11/2024 Southwest Futurity/Maturity Marked Catalog
Judge: Frank De Bem
5/5/2024 Great Lakes Futurity/Maturity Marked Catalog
Judges: John Vaught
5/3/2024 GSDC of Western Pennsylvania Marked Catalog
Judges: Samuel Israel & Gloria Birch
4/26/2024 Northwest Futurity/Maturity Marked Catalog
Judge: John Conely
4/19-21/2024 GSDC of North Georgia & GSDC of Atlanta Marked Catalog
Judges: Randy Darnell, Lew Bunch, Carmen Battaglia & Ellen Migliore
4/6/2024 GSDC of Reno Marked Catalog
Judges:Max Thompson & Diane Silver-Strasser
4/6-7/2024 GSDC of Central Indiana Marked Catalog
Judges: Frank Fasano, Cyndi Flautt, Jeff Pyle & Donna Conod
4/6/2024 Northern New Jesey GSDC Inc. Marked Catalog
AM Judge: Mr. Jeffrey Pyle (Cancelled) & Karin Wagner
4/5/2024 GSDC of North Florida Marked Catalog
Judges: Frank Fasano & Jeffrey Pyle
3/31/2024 GSDC of Diablo Valley, Inc. Marked Catalog
Judges: Mr. Sam Israel and Ms. Bonnie Money
3/30/2024 GSDC of Sacramento Valley, Inc. Marked Catalog
Judges: Mr. John Bemont and Mr. Jerry Guzman
3/24/2024 Southeast Futurity/Maturity Marked Catalog
Judge: Karin Wagner
3/22-23/2024 Augusta GSDC Marked Catalog
Judges: Robert Drescher & Vicki Roye Bemont
2/24-25/2024 Shoreline GSDC Marked Catalog
Judges: Dr. Stephen Bloom, Sam Israel, Betsey Orman, LaMar Frederick
2/17-18/2024 GSDC of San Antonio Marked Catalog
Judges: Bob Drescher, Channing Sheets. Sam Israel, Kathy Field-Casteel
2/10-11/2024 Santa Maria/San Luis Bay GSDC Marked Catalog
Judges: Ms. Lorry Bellah, Karyn Convertini