Educational Material

GSDCA Education Committee Webinar w/ Kent Boyles

Grooming Seminar

  2022 GSDCA National Grooming Seminar Presented by Ileana Nogueras

Breed Standard

Education Seminar - 2023 GSDCA National Breed Standard Presentation Presented by Bob Drescher Education Seminar - 2022 GSDCA National Breed Standard Presentation Presented by Bob Drescher Education Seminar - 2021 GSDCA National Breed Standard Presentation Presented by Bob Drescher Education Seminar - 2020 GSDCA National Breed Standard Presentation Based on new Illustrated Standard Presented by Bob Drescher

A Discussion on Structure

Judge Ed Barritt presents a seminar about the correct structure of the German Shepherd Dog at the 2006 GSDCA National

Dog Detection Conference 2019

Dog Detection Conference 2019

Degenerative Myelopathy

2021 GSDCA National Degenerative Myelopathy Seminar

2016 GSDCA National Health Seminar

Temperament Test

The Temperament Test Video narrated by Bob Penny. This video was sent to all Regional Clubs in the 90s, narrated by Bob Penny, to promote good temperament and the Temperament Test developed by Jim Norris and Bob.

Loose Lead In-Ring Temperament Test

The procedure for judges to approach each German Shepherd entry in a Conformation or Futurity show ring.
Purpose Statement

The Education Committee of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA) is dedicated to fostering knowledge and understanding of the German Shepherd breed among enthusiasts, owners, and the general public.

Our primary purpose is to promote responsible ownership, breeding practices, and the preservation of the breed’s health, temperament, and working abilities. As stewards of the breed, our committee takes on several key duties:

1. Educational Programs: We develop and implement educational programs tailored to various audiences, including new owners, breeders, judges, and the community at large. These programs cover topics such as breed history, care and training, health considerations, and the importance of responsible breeding practices.

2. Breed Standard: We work to uphold the official breed standard. Through education and outreach, we aim to ensure that breeders, exhibitors, and judges understand and adhere to these standards in their breeding programs and evaluations.

3. Health and Wellness: We strive to promote the health and well-being of German Shepherds through educational initiatives focused on preventive care, nutrition, exercise, and responsible breeding practices.

4. Temperament and Behavior: Recognizing the importance of temperament in the breed, we provide resources and guidance on socialization, training, and behavior management. By promoting sound temperament and good citizenship, we aim to enhance the reputation of German Shepherds as loyal, versatile companions.

5. Outreach and Advocacy: We engage in outreach activities to raise awareness about the German Shepherd breed and advocate for its welfare. This includes participation in events, publications, and online platforms, as well as collaboration with other canine organizations and animal welfare groups.

Overall, the Education Committee of the GSDCA is committed to advancing the knowledge, appreciation, and responsible stewardship of the German Shepherd breed, ensuring its continued success and relevance in the canine community.

For more information, please email commitee chair Donna Calabrese at

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