Performance Award of Merit (PAM)

The Performance Award of Merit is given to dogs and handlers that are competing and earning titles in multiple events, showing the incredible Versatility and Intelligence of the German Shepherd Dog in their ability to excel at high levels in all events.

The PAM Award Year will run concurrently with the calendar year.  For 2022, Titles must be completed by December 31, 2022 and the PAM submission form must be completed and returned by February 1, 2023 for the PAM 2022 award.  

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To be eligible for this award a dog must have completed titles in at least three (3) different performance areas including:

  • Obedience or Rally
  • Herding
  • Agility
  • Tracking or Scent Work
  • GSDCA-WDA Working Dog Titles (Sch, IPO, or IGP)

One of these titles must be from The Most Advanced Level of training, the two additional performance titles can be at any level of training, but must come from two (2) different areas of performance (listed above). Because of the similarities in the exercises or training, some events are combined.  Obedience and Rally are considered one performance event. A Rally title is NOT accepted as one of the most advanced level titles.  All Herding classes are considered one performance event. Scent Work and Tracking are considered one performance event.  All Agility classes are considered one performance event. Because of the similarities of the Schutzhund Tracking and Obedience to the AKC Tracking and Obedience, the lowest acceptable performance title for IPO (IGP) is IPO1 or IGP1.  The Most Advanced Level is IPO3 or IGP3. The Highest level in AKC Scent Work will be Scent Work Excellent (SWE, all four titles) the lowest is Scent Work Novice (SWN, all four titles). 

The additional points needed for the enhanced PAM levels can be earned either (a) from titles in one or more of the three required performance areas higher than the minimum required titles OR (b) from titles in a fourth (or more) sports, OR (c ) a combination of the two (higher than required titles and titles in additional sports).  Titles in additional sports beyond the three required performance areas can be earned in any additional sport even if it is from the same performance AREA as another title.  However, the dog can only earn points for ONE title per listed sport.  The maximum points that can be earned in each SPORT are five.  A dog must be eligible for a PAM before being eligible for the enhanced PAM levels.  Rally is not accepted as the sole L3 title for the PAM.

The owner of the dog must be a GSDCA member in good standing (BEFORE)  the requirements for this award are completed.

For more information, contact PAM Chairperson:                       

Julie Degen
10361 Heddings Rd
Catlett, VA 20119

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