New Web Update!

Welcome to the new GSDCA.ORG!

Your LOGIN is your EMAIL ADDRESS, Password has been published in the Nov/Dec Review, or simply click on the Forgot Password button. Email for additional help

For an example of how to navigate the login section, click HERE.

Besides giving us a fresh new face on the web, the new site uses updated platforms that are user friendly and can easily be maintained by our own Web Team (member volunteer committee.)  This will enable all of our committees to keep the site current with the most up to date activities and information.  Our goal is for the new site to appeal to any one interested in the German Shepherd Dog and potentially be the first and best source of information for our Membership and the General Public.

The main content of the new web was copied/pasted from the old site.  If it is missing or inaccurate in the old site, the same may be true on the new site.  As you come across these things on the new site, please let us know and we will update the information.  We also did some minor reorganizing of content to flow more logically.

  • Awards, for example, are now all together in one place and has links to their separate pages.
  • GSD Title Holders is where you will find the monthly New Titles that formerly appeared in the Review, as well as the Multi and Herding Champions. 
  • Event Calendar is combined AKC and SV with a search function so you can filter to the shows you want to see.
  • Educational Videos is where we have National Seminars, Health/Genetics, Grooming, Temperament Test and hopefully more as we grow the new website.
  • Please also check out the Photo Gallery under About The Breed, and the Photo Carousel under Events-Performance.

Once the new site is stable we will send out information to show you how members can submit photos of their own to cycle into those areas.  We want to keep it fresh and let all members “own it”  and make it something our members can be proud of!

We are currently putting the final touches into the Membership area.  This transition was a big endeavor and we ask for your patience if your member info is not 100 per cent at launch.  Let us know and we will fix it!

If you find something that seems technically amiss, please let us know and include the device you were using (desktop/tablet/phone) and if possible the browser (Chrome, Safari, Bing) so we can better find solutions. Email the team:

This has been quite a long & tough process , truly a labor of love,  by the volunteer committee as well as the BOD.  Working with an outside contractor to create a new, and much improved  web site, we are committed to providing a better communication tool for our fellow members, Regional clubs and the public – as well as utilize our site to promote the GSD  worldwide. 

We hope that you like the new site, find it easy to navigate and utilize, and invite you to share it with your friends and family.