National Trophy Donations

Thank you for supporting the 2023 National in Springfield, Illinois, with a trophy donation.  If you have any questions please contact Donna Calabrese at  If you would like the catalog listing to be in memory of a person, please let Donna know.

How to use these Forms:

Where there are multiple options (like full classes or Rosettes), first input the Quantity and then select the Option(s) you prefer.  Example: if you want to sponsor all the puppy classes, enter Quantity = 4 and then click on 6-9 dogs, 6-9 bitches, 9-12 dogs, 9-12 bitches (use the Control key to select all).  Then if you also want to sponsor the 4-6 Puppy trophies, go to those listings and put Quantity = 1.  Use the Custom Donation option to donate any amount of your choice into the General Trophy Fund. 

The green Total will show you the full amount of your donation.

If a specific trophy is not listed here, it has already been claimed.  So don’t wait – sponsor the trophy you want by donating today!

For Conformation trophies CLICK HERE

For Performance trophies CLICK HERE

Please be patient, forms take a minute to load