Leslie Dancosse Legacy Award

This award was established in 2018 and is handled by the Awards Committee. Leslie Dancosse devoted her life to the German Shepherd Dog. One of our top handlers, she exemplified what it means to be a tough but fair and humble competitor. Most importantly, Leslie gave of herself in time, knowledge and experience to the future of our breed and mentored many junior handlers over the years.

In honor of Leslie Dancosse, the GSDCA will recognize those individuals who take the time on a daily basis to continue and further the ideals held and the efforts made by Leslie. To be awarded the Leslie Dancosse Legacy Award, a person must meet the following criteria:

• Actively and consistently mentor and teach junior handlers how to properly present the German Shepherd Dog in the conformation ring. This includes but is not limited to grooming, training, maintaining good health and condition of the dog as well as proper ring etiquette.

• Work with junior handlers, both individually and in groups, at both the National and regional specialty shows.

• Encourage and promote the team dynamic between a junior handler and his/her dog by teaching the junior to train the dog from the time it is a puppy rather than show an already ring-trained dog.

• Instill a sense of good sportsmanship in the junior as a competitor.

• Insist that the junior handler be responsible for making his or her education a priority in life.

Nominations can come from members or regional clubs to the Awards Committee.

2018 Nancy McDonald

2019 Liv Calabrese

2020 Christy Heiman

2021 Evan Ginsburg

2022 Kelly Foehl

2023 Cindy Tellefsen