LaMar Kuhns Award

This award recognizes outstanding presentation and grooming of dogs and creating of good will for German Shepherd Dogs. The award is open to both the non-professional or professional. Nominations can come from members or regional clubs to the Awards Committee.

2023Liv Calabrese
2022Doug Crane
2021Lindsey Hudspeth
2020Anya Vasilis-Dobratz
2019Michael Sherman
2018Jeff Pyle
2017Liz Oster
2016Lenny Brown
2015Leslie Dancosse
2014Trisha Wylie
2013Gloria Birch
2012Nancy Godek McDonald
2011Cindy Bartley
2010Ray Johnson
2009Greg Eschette
2008George Berstler
2007Billy Rossi
2006Fran Foster
2005Monika Frendt
2003Art Sinclair
2000Ken Tank
1999Terry Hower
1998Bart Bartley
1997Kent Boyles
1996Scott Yergin
1995Sandra Dancose
1994Jerry Guzman
1993James W. Norris
1992Lori Nickeson
1991Ernest Loeb
1990Fred Olson
1989Robert Penny
1988Mary Roberts
1987Connie Beckhardt
1986Cappy Pottle
1985James Moses