Dual Award and Dual Award Excellent

Dual Awards

Dual Awards are presented  for GSDCA-member dogs who have completed a Performance title in addition to a Breed Championship. Members must apply to Amber Turley providing copies of information from the AKC (such as the awards & titles page or copies of the certificate).  There is no title associated with this award.  The award year runs August 1 through July 31.

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GSDCA Dual Awards 2018-2019
GSDCA Dual Awards 2017-2018
GSDCA Dual Awards 2016-2017
GSDCA Dual Awards 2015-2016
GSDCA Dual Awards 2014-2015
GSDCA Dual Awards 2013-2014
GSDCA Dual Awards 2012-2013
GSDCA Dual Awards 2011-2012
GSDCA Dual Awards 2010-2011

Dual Award Excellent Titles

The following are the requirements to acquire a Dual Award Excellent:

  1.  Be an AKC Champion
  2.  Have OFA, OVC, or SV “a” stamp certified hips and elbows
  3.  Have earned a regular AKC performance title
  4.  Have passed the GSDCA temperament Test

The Dual Award Excellent award represents diligence of both dogs and owners as any award with the title of excellent should do.  It furthers encourages our breeders and owners to strive for sound dogs, mentally and physically.  The public is exposed to what our breed represents, the truly total dog, an excellent member of our lives.

Dogs earning this award may use the title DAE preceding their name.

Click here to view the DAE Recipients for 2021-2022

GSDCA Dual Awards Excellent 2018-2019
GSDCA Dual Awards Excellent 2017-2018
GSDCA Dual Awards Excellent 2016-2017
GSDCA Dual Awards Excellent 2015-2016
GSDCA Dual Awards Excellent 2014-2015
GSDCA Dual Awards Excellent 2013-2014
GSDCA Dual Awards Excellent 2012-2013