Degenerative Myelopathy Study in Need of Participants


“Identification of Genetic Risk Factors in Degenerative Myelopathy in German Shepherd Dogs” officially started July 1, 2021.
To be successful we need participants.  You DO NOT have to be a GSDCA member to participate (although your membership would be appreciated).
There is no charge to participate or have your dog tested.  We included funding in our study to pay for collection and testing.
We need as diverse group of dogs/participants as possible.   This means we need American showlines, European showlines and European working lines, and your purebred pets.
The study will be done in two phases.
It is critical that we provide a diverse population of pedigrees to our Research Team.
Phase One is volunteering to participate by providing pedigree and health information on your dogs.  The details are provided in the attached link.
Our Research Team will review all of the submissions and try to identify and choose a diverse pool of actual participants from all of the volunteers. 
Phase Two – Our Research Team will contact the selected volunteers and send them check swab kits.  Our selected participants will then receive the cherk swab kits to collect and submit their dogs.
Thank you for your support in this critical research and effort to improve the health of our beloved breed.
Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or  Liz Hansen, University of Missouri, Email: 
Phone:  573-884-3712.
Carolyn Z. Gerganoff
Health and Genetics Chair
German Shepherd Dog Club of America
Cell 760-443-3950