Peggy Douglas Award

Peggy Douglas was a devoted member of several clubs, including the GSDC of Houston.  She mentored newcomers to our Breed and was always encouraging people to join and get involved in the local dog clubs and the GSDCA.

Bart Bartley introduced the Peggy Douglas Award to the GSDCA Board and it was quickly approved.  When Gloria Birch became Chair of the Awards Committee, she suggested to Bart, who agreed, that they make a change from a single person recipient to an award given annually to one of the GSDCA Regional Clubs.  The Board approved this change and in 2016 the first to receive the Peggy Douglas Award was the GSDC of Houston, which was Peggy’s club.

  • Actively strive to increase local club and GSDCA membership by advertising fun events, educational programs, fun matches, puppy training and socialization classes.
  • Promote the total German Shepherd Dog by encouraging participation in dog sports such as but not limited to Conformation, Herding, IPO (formerly known as Schutzhund), Obedience, Agility, Rally, and Tracking. 
  • Encourage junior membership, by presenting educational programs on handling, grooming, herding, and agility. 
  • Attend community events to promote and encourage attendance at the local club meetings and other events.
  • Conduct or participate in a Meet the Breed to promote the German Shepherd at dog shows or community events.

The Peggy Douglas Award will be presented to the winner at the GSDCA National Victory Dinner by the GSDCA Awards Chairman.

Any GSDCA Regional Club who wishes to apply for this award must send a written essay demonstrating their club has met as many of the requirements as possible for consideration for the award to the Awards Committee.

2016 GSDC of Houston

2017 GSDC of Minneapolis & St. Paul

2018 GSDC of Wisconsin

2019 GSDC of Minneapolis & St. Paul

2020 GSDC of North Florida

2021 GSDC of Minneapolis & St. Paul

2022 GSDC of Raleigh

2023 Volunteer Schutzhund Club