Loose Leash Temperament Evaluation Procedure

  1. The loose leash examination must be the first physical contact made with each dog.
  2. Double handling must be discouraged during the temperament exam.
  3. There should be a predetermined place in the ring where the handler takes the dog and stops. The dog should not be posed, stacked or given any command. The dog may walk around or stand naturally by the handler. Although the leash is loose, the handler is to remain in control of the dog.
  4. Without staring, the judge should approach the dog from six to ten feet, and speak in a friendly manner.
  5. It is the judge’s responsibility to decide if a dog may be safely approached. If in the opinion of the judge, the dog is menacing or threatening upon approach, he should stop and excuse the dog.
  6. After the loose leash evaluation is completed, the judge may have the handler present or pose the dog.
  7. The judge must be consistent, treating all dogs equally. He should continue to evaluate the temperament of each entry the entire time it is in the ring.
  8. Dogs can be aloof but never fearful. Unsound, shy dogs must be penalized. Awards must only go to dogs that are completely sound.

EXCUSE: dog is menacing or threatening
DISQUALIFY: dog attempts to bite the judge
EXCUSE: dog attacks another dog in the ring
DISQUALIFY: dog attacks the judge or another person in the ring