21 SV Show/Working Results

Show secretaries please proof read the results book before sending:

Show giving Clubs: Please send your marked catalogs in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you need assistance with creating a marked catalog as a PDF file please contact us at the same email address. Instruct your photographers to send photos or download links to the same address.

Marked Catalog

7/10/21  Virginia Beach Schutzhund Club Marked Catalog
6/26-27/21  Delaware Valley Police & Schutzhund Club Marked Catalog
5/15-16/21  Northwest Arkansas Working & PDA Marked Catalog
5/2/21  Woodburn Canine Training Center Marked Catalog
4/25/21  Upper Bucks Schutzhund Club Marked Catalog
4/22-25/21  2021 National IGP3 Championship Marked Catalog
4/10/21  South Metro Atlanta Schutzhund Club Marked Catalog
3/26-28/21  Volunteer SchH Club Marked Catalog
3/13-14/21  Danubius Club Marked Catalog
3/13/21  Greensboro Working Dog Club Marked Catalog
1/16/21  South Metro Atlanta Schutzhund Club Marked Catalog