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The GSDCA Charitable Trust is a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Its purpose is to educate breeders, judges, juniors, clubs and the general public. We seek to gather and disseminate up-to-date and relevant information on topics such as health, genetics, legislation etc. and, through education, improve the overall general opinion of and respect for the German Shepherd Dog.

As the GSDCA Charitable Trust was created for benevolent purposes, we intend to host special canine events that would educate the public about the upkeep and care of the German Shepherd Dog as well as raise funds for recognized charities that help our dogs.

The Trust finances Educational Forums held during the Annual National Specialty. The Trust Seminars will highlight Activities that the German Shepherd works within, because our breed's temperament, structure and purpose was developed for this type of activity. And our Breed is at its healthiest when utilized for its purpose. It is hoped that the seminars will encourage the public to learn, participate in and support those worthy endeavors.

The GSDCA Charitable Trust was formed to educate breeders, judges, juniors, clubs and the public, thereby improving the health, genetics, education and overall respect for our breed.  We seek to gather and disseminate up-to-date and relevant information through education.

Our Club and it's Charitable Trust's vitality depend upon financial health.  Our community's support has a measurable impact on the Trust's ability to educate.  We  appreciate your lifelong commitment to the German Shepherd Dog and need your support for this program.  Please give at a level that is comfortable for you.  Our goal is to reach 100% participation.  This tax-deductible gift can be given by check or with a Credit Card or PayPal (see the payment button above under Donate).

You will be receiving a letter verifying your tax deductible donation, public recognition in the GSD Review as well as a personal letter of thanks.

For further info on this program, please contact Pamela O'Dell at 206-778-3170.  Please make checks out to GSDCA Charitable Trust and send to Deborah Stern at the address below.

Thank you for your unwaivering support of the very best and most versatile dog in the world.

The officers and board of the GSDCA