October 9th - 17th
Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield IL

See below:

Motion made by John Ayotte, Seconded by Steve Bloom, passed unanimously.

Move to approve to continue the planning for holding the 2020 GSDCA National Specialty Show at the location and on the dates proposed by Gail Steifferman (the National Show Chair) with the understanding that there are still factors beyond our control that could result in a last minute cancellation.

This approval includes the following requirements be met in a timely manner (deadlines to be determined by the BOD as soon as possible).

1) Review and approval of acceptable contract and review of site by representatives of the BOD.

2) Mandatory guidelines for participation (exhibitors, spectators and workers) be completed and distributed to the membership. Social distancing, masks, signed waiver, temp checks, etc)

3) A waiver of responsibility holding the GSDCA its officers and board members legally blameless for COVID-19 claims be written and a signed copy required for entry onto the show grounds and a wrist band or similar form of identification be issued and required for admission to and continued presence on the show grounds.

4) A contingency plan be developed for dealing with the unlikely, but potentially disastrous, event that any legal action that would jeopardize  the financial soundness or even the continued existence of the club be developed as soon as possible.

5) A representative of the club be appointed to monitor the local, state and national governmental requirements that might affect our ability to hold these events and keep the BOD and membership updated on a regular basis. (personal protection, social distancing, group sizes, travel restrictions, quarantines, etc)

6) A series of go/no go dates be implemented for board evaluation and decision making.

7) A plan be put in place for the handling of refunds if we are forced to cancel prior to or after the event closing dates.

Everyone involved is working hard to ensure that we are able to hold a National this year, and we will keep you posted on progress.