National Elite Awards

The Elite Award is given to those dogs who achieve a score of 195 or better in any regular class at the Nationals. Dogs earning this award must also be purebred, registered and free of disqualifying faults as confirmed by an AKC judge approved to judge GSDs.

In 2014, seven teams achieved this high level of performance:

  • Oak Ridge Shadow Dancer UDX OM1 with Shannon Canard (Utility B class)
  • OV OTCH Heka Shining Brigtly vom Mika-Ashmead with Kristin Brooks (Utility B class)
  • Miriamm z Eurosportu UDX2 OM3 with Shannon Canard (Open B)
  • Nocturne’s Gabriel II VCD1 UDX OM1 with Timothy Muldowney (Open B)
  • von Sontausen Holy Grail UDX2 OM2 HGH BN GN RE with Regina Steiner (Open B)
  • Getta von der Olgameister UD RA CA with Vickie Buchanan (Open B)
  • Juel’s Independence Day UD RE with Elaine Hurrie (Open B)