Interview with Barbara Amidon

What created your interest in German Shepherd Dogs?

My first experience with German Shepherds was as a young girl, seeing a motion picture about a war dog, “My Pal Wolf” and later for  Christmas receiving a book, “Cop Chief of Police Dogs” by the late Reginald Cleveland. From there, the German Shepherd was a lasting love affair.

As young children, my family lived in New York and Miami. My father worked at Cape Canaveral; he was an Electrical Engineer. My mother was a Head Nurse; she later she worked in the operating room at The Polyclinic Hospital in New York. When my twin sister Jackie and I were ten years old, our mother was tragically killed on Christmas Eve. My father then chose a career in show business and traveled a great deal.

We went to live  with my aunt in New Jersey and found a stray German Shepherd. We named him Fury after a comic strip character. My love of dogs began very early, I attended a War Veterans Ceremony in  Atlantic City performing obedience. My hobby was studying various dog breeds. Jackie and I won contests by identifying them.

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