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The Code of Ethic's is established in accordance with the objectives of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA).  In order to protect, preserve and advance the interest of German Shepherd Dogs, the GSDCA is providing written guidelines for responsible ownership and ethical breeding practices, to strive to conserve and improve the breed in structure, temperament and working ability.

GSDCA members will ascribe to the following Objectives of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America:

1. Abide by the By Laws of the GSDCA

2. Abide by the Objects of the Club:
       a)  Promote the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs according to the AKC/GSD Standardof the  Breed
       b)  Educate novice GSD owners of the Standard of the Breed
       c)  Produce GSDs that demonstrate their inherent ability to serve as companions, and multi faceted service dogs
       d)  Participate in AKC/ GSDCA performance events which showcase the inherent talents, beauty and intelligence of the Breed
       e)  Encourage novice owners to participate in AKC/ GSDCA Performance events
       f)  Provide newcomers to the Breed with information regarding Breed Standard and history,  and AKC / GSDCA performance events and regulations.
       g)  Maintain on my premises high standards of health and cleanliness , readily available veterinary care
       h) Provide newcomers information pertaining to maintaining the health, grooming veterinary care, socialization, and training of the GSD
        i)  Observe highest levels of sportsmanship at all GSD events and including on social media.
        j) No GSD will be sold to wholesale or retail stores for purposes of re sale , leased, offered  at stud to franchised commercial facilities, businesses, or agents thereof
        k) No GSD will be sold or donated to a research laboratory
        l)  No GSD will be offered as a prize or sold at auction

 All Members:

      GSDCA and affiliate club members shall be responsible for adherence to the Code of Ethics, the GSDCA by-laws and the Rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club and SV.

 ·    Observe the highest standards of sportsmanship and good will at shows, obedience and herding trials and at any other event involving German Shepherd Dogs. To act towards competitors and club members in a courteous, civil manner which is extended not only in face to face encounters but to include no personal attacks or inflammatory statements on social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Assist all newcomers to the breed so that they may be guided in the ways that can best conserve and improve the breed.  We teach by example - let our behavior reflect, always, the optimism, loyalty  and intelligence of the noble breed we represent.

·     Maintain the highest possible standards of health, cleanliness and care of their German Shepherd dog(s) and kennel (if applicable).  Includes but is not limited to proper veterinary care, regular socialization and exposure to people and other environments.

·     No GSD will be sold to wholesale or retail stores for the purpose of resale.  No GSD will be sold, leased, or offered at stud to franchised commercial facilities, businesses, or agents thereof.  No GSD will be sold or donated to a research laboratory or offered as a prize or sold at auction.

Breeders and Owners of Bitches and Stud Dogs:

 ·    Study and strive to conserve and improve the breed in structure, health, temperament and working ability, never sacrificing one for the other.

Plan all litters with the goal of improving the Breed giving consideration to individual health benefits and concerns.  Breed only mature dogs and bitches that have passed all health clearances (OFA or SV hips, elbows), that have a stable temperament and no disqualifying physical faults according to the Parent Club recognized German Shepherd Dog Standard.  Implement genetic screening of breeding stock (DM, Cardiac, Thyroid, Dentition) for use in further studies and making it available to other responsible breeders and data bases (OFA, Canine Health Information Center) for the preservation of our breed. 

·    Shall consider breeding a litter only if the breeder is prepared to keep the result of the offspring for as long as it takes to suitable place each puppy. To take responsibility to ensure that the German Shepherds of their breeding is cared for in a safe and healthy environment.  When placing or selling the puppies do so in a manner that reflects the member's care, concern and integrity by selling the puppies or adults in good condition, good health and of a sound temperament. 

 ·   Honor all contracts regarding sales, co-ownerships, breeding rights, agreements, leases, and stud services.  It is strongly recommended that written agreements be used in all practices.

Furnish written instructions of the care, feeding and health care to the new owner, along with a copy of the GSD standard and Code of Ethics.  Provide written health records of immunizations or medical treatments. Provide accurate and valid documentation of the registration and a four generation pedigree.  If selling a puppy or adult that show a health issue or very serious fault as described in the German Shepherd Standard, it is encouraged to use the limited registration option offered by the AKC, and a spay/neuter contract.

·     Encourage and invite the new owners of any dog sold by me to attend some type of training class and to join in becoming guardians of the Breed by participating in local dog club activities, educational programs, a regional German Shepherd Dog club and /or the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

 ·    Assure puppy buyers that if at any time the buyer has to place the dog, the breeder must be notified and given the opportunity to take the puppy/dog back or assist the buyer in placing the dog.

GSDCA members serve as ongoing ambassadors to all individuals interested in our breed. Let the soundness, health, and temperament of dogs that we have bred reflect our dedication to the good breeding practices and best interests of the German Shepherd breed as set forth in this Code of Ethics.


Code of Ethics Committee Chairperson:  

Candee Bryden Foss
10208 W Court St
Pasco, WA  99301
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