Successful Dog Owners

No matter where you live, owning a dog is a long-term emotional and financial commitment and it's important to take your neighbors into consideration.

The AKC offers owners the following tips:

  • Train Your Dog - Puppies need to be properly socialized and trained.
  • Pick Up After Your Puppy - ALWAYS carry a plastic "baggy" to pick up any waste, then dispose of it properly.
  • Exercise - Puppies (and dogs) need regular exercise or they may become destructive. Take your puppy for walks (not over a half-mile to start please & gradually work up as they mature) or throw a ball in the back yard for a few minutes.
  • Prevent Nuisance Barking - Don't let your puppy annoy your neighbors. Training and exercise can reduce barking.
  • Microchip Your Dog - In addition to wearing an ID tag, your puppy should have a microchip. when he's old enough (ask your vet).
  • Use a Leash - Keep your puppy on a leash no longer than six-feet whenever you are out in public. It will keep your dog safe. Even the best-trained dog can become so distracted it will run after somethiing and get injured (or worse).

Based on information supplied by The American Kennel Club, Inc.