Suggestions for New Puppy "Stuff"

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America wants to help you have the best possible start.

German Shepherd puppies are awesome.  However, they grow very quickly and will be large dogs. Because they grow so fast, investing in sturdy items that can be easily cleaned and will not be destroyed as your puppy grows is a good idea.

Here are some things you will want to get before you bring your puppy home:

  • Nylon expandable buckle collar with a quick-release clasp - NO metal link collars at this stage
  • A 6' leather leash (1/2" wide)
  • A Large Crate with divider (at least a 500 size)
  • Water bowl (stainless steel is best)
  • Food bowl (again stainless steel is best)
  • Toys of various shapes, textures and sizes (must be suitable for German Shepherd puppies)
  • Hard rubber toys (balls, spiky toys, rings) - Kong makes sturdy products
  • Smart toys (fill with treats)
  • Nylabones
  • Soft toys (supervision required) - many German Shepherds tear these up
  • Thick bully sticks or white rolled rawhide - only when teething
  • Bitter Apple Spray
  • Soft Bedding for the crate like a blanket or towel (remove if they chew it and NO rugs)
  • Cleaning tote with
    • paper towels
    • disposable baggies (grocery bags work well)
    • spray bottle (1/3 vinegar x 2/3 water or pre-mixed OdoBan or SimpleGreen)
  • Healthy treats that can't get caught in the throat (no pig ears)
  • Soft slicker or pin brush
  • Nail clippers (scissors-style work better than guillotine-style)
  • Styptic powder (just in case)
  • Puppy shampoo and conditioner (dry)