Herding Victor/Victrix

The Herding Victor or Victrix is chosen every year at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Specialty Show. For a list of past winners, click "read more" below.

Herding Victors/Victrixes

1998   HCH Indian Ledge Lex'O Firethorn HGH
1999   HCH Fluoresence Vom  Insel WTCH CD BH HXABCs
2000   HCH Fluoresence Vom  Insel WTCH CD BH HXABCs
2001   HCH Mississippi Rip HXAs
2002   HCH Mississippi Rip HXAs
2003   HCH Mississippi Rip HXAs
2004   PAM HCH DeBrut Kiss Me Kate Windridge HXAs HIBs UD TD
2005   Chaos Ticonderoga HIAs
2006   Karma's More Is Better HXAs HSAd CD RE
2007   Antha Vom Whirling Thunder HXAs HSAc
2008   HCH Cathlins Lucca of Bramble Hill HXCs
2009   Karma's Dragon Drums v KCK HSAsd
2010   DeBrut's Jonnie Be Good HXAs
2011   HCH DeBrut's Dixieland Jubliee HXAs HXBs UD NANAJ RN
2012   Juno v Binderhaus CDX RE NAJ OJP HSAs HSCs HXCs
2013   Ch Dajo's Crestview LadyHawke HSAs HSCs
2014  Ch Da Jo's Crestview Ironman  HT, PT, HSCs