Select Excellent Champions

This award is an enhanced attachment to the "Select" Award, which recognizes the superior, mature dog or bitch with certified hips and elbows. This award promotes and recognizes an important facet of Breed improvement through sound breeding programs. Click "read more" below for more information and a list of the title holders.


The Award

  • The "Select Excellent" title will be awarded for life and can be won repeatedly.
  • The "Select Excellent" title can be used for advertising, therefore identifying a Select dog or bitch with certified hips and elbows.
  • A distinctive Select Excellent Rosette will be awarded to the dog/bitch at the National.
  • The Select Excellent awardees will be identified by number and recorded on the official National Video at the time that the dog/bitch gaits individually around the ring.
  • The official show photograph (as published in the National issue of the Review) shall identify the dog or bitch as a Select Excellent.

The Recipients (through 2018)

AOE SelEx CH Alfaro’s Cupid of Stormfield
SelEx CH Alfaro’s Rambling Man
2x SelEx CH Altana’s Outlaw
3x SelEx CH Anne-Isle Heiress v Kenlyn-Kaleef
AOE 2x SelEx CH Anne-Isle’s Promise Keeper
SelEx CH Aramists Enchanted of My Joy
SelEx GVX CH Aramist’s Ivana of Kolbrook
SelEx CH Aramist’s Zillion Dollar Guy
SelEx CH Asgards Kiekeregaard
SelEx CH Backacher’s Ruggerio
AOE 3x SelEx CH Bil-Mar’s Here Comes Trouble
SelEx CH Bloomberrys Amadeus
SelEx CH Bomar Agon de Rancho Backachers
SelEx CH Bonjens Ooh La La Lolita
SelEx CH Braunhaus Samurai
AOE SelEx CH Breal’s Easy Does It
SelEx CH Breauhausen’s Red October
2x SelEx GCH Campaigners Lindel Time Traveler
3x SelEx GCH Candia’s Yada Yada Yada
SelEx CH Caralon’s a Cut Above
2x SelEx CH Carettis Disorderly Conduct
AOE SelEx CH Carousel Farms Samantha
AOE SelEx CH Castlehill’s Cuz I Want To
SelEx CH Castlehill-Miterhaun Tuff Enuf
AOE 2x SelEx GVX CH Castlehill’s Tuff Cookie
AOE SelEx CH Cathlins Tobruk
SelEx CH Chablis Piano Man of Coda
AOE SelEx GCH Charbo’s Key Largogh v Marjo
SelEx GCH Cherpa’s Exxon of Lealynn
AOE SelEx GCH Clayfield Bon Jovi
SelEx CH Clementine of Oh-My
SelEx CH Coda Miracle in the Making
SelEx CH Covy-Tucker Hill’s Check Marc
SelEx CH Covy-Tucjer Hill's Compass
2x SelEx CH Cross Timber’s Cargogh Clihu
SelEx CH Darby Dans Just Jack
SelEx CH Darby Dans Key to the Cure
SelEx Ch. Darby Dans Miranda
AOE SelEx CH Debonair’s Surprize Package
2x SelEx CH Delta v Almanya
SelEx CH Depahls Im Too Sexy
SelEx CH Divna’s Jerry
SelEx CH Do-Si-Do of Oh-My
SelEx CH Eagle Valley’s Green Knight
3x SelEx GV CH EJM N’ Eko-Lan’s Eli
SelEx GVX CH Eko-Lans N EMJS Encore
AOE 2x SelEx CH Elvaston’s Southern Byrne
AOE SelEx GVX CH Falcon’s WeLove Liberty
SelEx Falcon's Welove Second Amendment Duchien
SelEx CH Goodfellow of Oh-My
AOE SelEx CH Good to the Last of Drop of Edan
2x SelEx GV CH Harmonias Intense Desire
AOE SelEx CH Heinerburgs Gone With the Wind Dephal
SelEx CH HiCliff Bronson v Kaleef
2x SelEx CH Hi-Cliff Four Starr Review
2x SelEx CH HiCliff Free N Easy
SelEx CH HiCliff Gable
2x SelEx CH HiCliff Sienna Kaleef
SelEx CH Hickoryhills Magic Marker
AOE 3x SelEx GV CH I’m All That Matters of Edan
2x SelEx CH Jag of Fran-Jo
AOE SelEx CH Jagan’s Belle Star
3x SelEx CH Jagan’s Happyanunoit
SelEx CH Jagan-Karagin Happysaysitall
SelEx CH Jagan-Karagin-Miterhaun TickleMe Elmo
SelEx GVX CH Jagan Lenior’s Solike Happy
AOE SelEx GVX CH Jantars China Lake v Witmer
SelEx JDM's Lone Survivor of GNB
SelEx CH Jo-Win’s Concho
SelEx CH Jo-Win’s Remember Me-V-KRZE
SelEx CH Jerrwin’s Aspen
6x SelEx Can GVx CH Jerrwen’s Madison Avenue
SelEx CH Jerrwin’s Malibu Breeze
SelEx CH Jezra’s Daytona
AOE 2x SelEx CH Joelle’s Alvin of Norberge
SelEx CH Joelle’s Diamond Da Vinci
SelEx CH Jonah-Malibars Titan of Cheyenne
AOE Select Excellent CH Kagen’s Two to Tango
2x SelEx CH Kaleef’s Its all About Me
AOE 3x SelEx CH Kaleef’s Joshua v Kenlyn
AOE SelEx CH Kaleef’s Silver Charm of Tabu
2x SelEx CH Karagins Hoodlum of Castlehill
SelEx CH Karizmas Betsy Von Loar Kaleef
AOE 2x SelEx GCH Karizma’s Cacique of Inquest
AOE SelEx GCH Karizma’s Cyutas v Kaleef Cantar
3x SelEx CH Karizma’s Malawi Kaleef Von Loar
2x SelEx CH Karizma’s Morocco Kaleef Von Loar
SelEx CH Karizma’s Nicaragua
SelEx CH Karizma's Raven of RiverRock
SelEx CH Kennelwoods Man U Man
2x SelEx CH Kennelwoods Morning Jewel
2x SelEx CH Keylis The Big Red Dog
3x SelEx CH Keylis Purple Rain
2x SelEx CH Kismits Centurion
AOE SelEx CH Kismet’s Sight For Sore Eyes
AOE SelEx CH Knaufhills Thriller v Kenlyn
SelEx GCH Knights Gambit Krug
SelEx CH Konigin Phantom of the Opera
SelEx CH Kridler’s Que Sera Sera
SelEx CH Kubistraums Garnet v Bloomsberry
SelEx CH Kurdel’s St Nick v Backachers
2x SelEx GCH Kysarah’s Cauz’n Trouble
SelEx CH Lace of Lu-Ro
AOE SelEx GCH Lakota’s Hitman of Cantar
4x SelEx CH Laslar-Candia’s Black Bart
SelEx CH Laslar’s League Of His Own of Somerset Rose
2x SelEx CH Lenlors Maximus
SelEx CH Liebchen’s Boogie Wonderland
SelEx CH Liebchen’s Shebearzade v Winsome
SelEx CH Lindenhill’s Machu Picchu
SelEx CH Lindenhill's Martello v Gracelyne
2x SelEx CH Lindenhill’s Vinnie the Viper
SelEx CH Lockenhaus Isis v Kenlyn HiCliff
SelEx BGCH Lockenhaus Rumor Has It v Kenlyn
SelEx CH Lonestars Margarita Rose
SelEx CH Long’s Peak Ginger Bread Cookie
SelEx GCH Long's Peak Golden Boy
AOE 2x SelEx CH Lorien’s Patron
2x SelEx CH Lyloak’s First Knight
AOE 3x SelEx GV CH Marhaven’s And The Beat Goes On
SelEx GVX CH Mar Havens Black Orchid
SelEx GCH Mar Havens California Dreamin’
SelEx CH Marhavens Solitaire Traveler
SelEx CH Mariner’s Jenny from the Block
SelEx CH Marquis All About Me
AOE 2x SelEx CH Marquis’ Here I Am V Surigo
3x SelEx CH Marquis Stealing the Show
AOE 4x Select Excellent 2x GV CH Marquin’s Xtra! Xtra!
SelEx CH Marquis Gladiator
SelEx GCH Marquis Horse with No Name
SelEx CH Mechanical Bull of Edan
SelEx CH Millertime’s American Celebrity
SelEx CH Millertime's American Gossip Girl
SelEx CH Millertime's American Gray Ghist of Falkrigia
SelEx CH No Regrets of Edan
AOE SelEx CH NuEratragicallyhip Braveheart
SelEx CH Pilgrim Kellie Jolly T’Hill
2x SelEx CH  Pinebuck’s Kidd Carson
SelEx GCH Raintrees Cozmel Von Bleibtreu
3x SelEx CH Regencys Pocahontas v Kridler
seller CH Regency Ya Gotta Know When to Hold ‘EM
SelEx GCH Rising Sun Bunker
AOE SelEx CH Rivendell’s Magnolia
AOE 2x SelEx CH Rivendells Start the Commotion
SelEx CH River Rocks Starlett O’Hara
SelEx CH Rockannand’s Patent
SelEx CH Rosewood’s Maestro
SelEx GCHB Rosewood's Midas touch of Kansten
SelEx CH Sandmark’s Del Rio
SelEx CH Schatten’s The One Rose
3x SelEx GV CH Scher-Lo’s Rogue of Karizma
SelEx CH Serena V Wonderland
SelEx CH Sharobi’s Design By Mitchell
SelEx CH She-Rock’s Girl On Fire Vonhornberger
3x SelEx CH Shebland’s Grayson Camareigh
AOE SelEx CH Shelby’s Chimes of Asgard
SelEx CH Shoal Creeks Sangria v Barick
SelEx CH Signatures Cooper V Knaufhill
2x SelEx GVX CH Signatures Miami Kridler
AOE 2x SelEx CH Sirius Park’s Worth The Trip
2x SelEx CH Stenthal’s Night Moves
2x SelEx CH Stonewall’s Dirty Look
SelEx CH Stonewall’s Lookaliker
AOE SelEx CH Stonewall’s MaJa’s Black Diamond
SelEx GCHG Stuttgarts Now Don't Refuse Me of Masrock
2X SelEx GCH Stuttgarts Single Action Army V Hammersmith
SelEx GCH Suboja’s & Top Hat’s Gentelemans Quarterly
SelEx CH Sunnydae Chaska ThreeD
AOE SelEx Am/Can GV CH Survival’s Tuff Decision
AOE SelEx CH Survival’s Kool Running
2x SelEx CH Survival’s Running on Air
SelEx CH Talimar’s Aviana’s Kiwi Tebe Nobe
SelEx GCH Tara's Undeniable v Franken
SelEx GV CH Tazzman’s Aregon
AOE SelEx CH Tebe Nobe Ca-She Katharine Hepburn
SelEx CH Tindrock’s Fire Storm at NIMH
SelEx CH Tindrock GEM-N-I Reagan
SelEx CH Todorhaus Trinity
2x SelEx GV CH Trafalgar’s Full Throttle
2x SelEx GCH Trafalgar’s Feature Presentation
2x SelEx CH Trafalgar’s Pacific Chai
SelEx CH Tro’s Elysia v Anne-Isle
3x SelEx TR’s Antonio
AOE 2x SelEx CH Utopia’s Cliché
AOE SelEx CH Utopia’s Let Freedom Ring
AOE SelEx CH Utopia’s Meet Joe Black
AOE SelEx GCH Von Zechers Broken Arrow
AOE 4x SelEx GV CH Wayside’s Honky Tonk Man
AOE SelEx CH Weicho’s Flash Dance
SelEx CH Weicho’s Summer Palace
SelEx GV CH Welove Du Chien’s Army of One
SelEx CH Welove Du Chien’s Captain America
AOE SelEx CH Welove Du Chien’s Patriot
SelEx GV CH Weloves Du Chien’s R-Man
SelEx CH Welove Du Chien’s Rollins
SelEx CH Welove Du Chien's Wisconsin Badger
SelEx CH Winaki Hanzel Apfelsine
SelEx CH Windfall's & Luzak's Lilly v Foxpond
AOE 3x SelEx GVX BGCH Windfall’s Who Says v Chablis
AOE SelEx GCH Windfalls Year of the Gentlemen
SelEx CH Windovers Daisy of Abijah
SelEx CH Winsome's Crimson Hot Embear
AOE SelEx CH Winsomes Desbearado
SelEx CH Winsome's Forevebear Mine
3x SelEx CH Winsomes Heiress v DePahl
SelEx GCH Winsome's Love Me Tendbear
SelEx CH Winsomes Sawyer Bearown
AOE SelEx CH Winsome’s Woody Bearelson
SelEx CH Witmar’s Jamiroquai
2x SelEx GCH Woodsides High Voltage
2x SelEx GV GCH  Woodsides Megabucks
2x SelEx CH Woodside’s The Real Deal
SelEx CH Wolf Creek Antares of Merivern
3x SelEx GV GCH Wolf Creeks Galaxy of Merivern
SelEx CH Zytut's Crossing Rivers