Conformation - Grand Victrixes

The Grand Victrix is chosen each year as the best of all females (bitches) in the Breed class at the annual German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Specialty Show. Click on the "Read More" button below to see a list of all the Grand Victrixes since the beginning in 1918.


1918 Ch. Lotte v Edelweiss
1919 Ch. VanHall's Herta
1920 Ch. Boda vd Furstenberg
1921 Ch. Dora v Rheinwald
1922 Ch. Debora v Weimar
1923 Ch. Boda vd Furstenberg
1924 Ch. Ima v Doernerhof - SchH
1925 Ch. Ima v Doernerhof - SchH
1926 Int. Ch Asta v Kaltenweide - Sgn.
1927 Ch Inky of Willowgate
1928 Erich's Mercede ot Shereston
1929 Int. Ch. Katia v Blasienberg - HGH - ZPr - Sgn.
1930 Ch. Christel v Stimmberg - PH
1931 Ch Gisa v Koenigsbruch
1932 Not Awarded
1933 Ch. Dora of Shereston
1934 Ch Dora of Shereston
1935 Ch. Nanka v Schwyn
1936 Ch. Frigga v Kannenbackerland
1937 Ch. Perchta v Bern
1938 Ch. Giralda's Geisha - CD
1939 Ch. Thora v Bern of Giralda
1940 Ch. Lady of Ruthland - ROM
1941 Ch Hexe ot Rotundina
1942 Ch. Bella v Haus Hagen
1943 Ch. Hella v Haus Hagen
1944 Am. & Can. Ch. Frigga v Hoheluft - ROM
1945 Ch Olga of Ruthland
1946 Am & Can Leda v Liebestraum - ROM
1947 Am. & Can Ch. Jola v Liebestraum ROM - Am & Can. Gr. Vic.
1948 Ch Duchess of Browvale
1949 Ch. Doris v Vogtlandshof
1950 Ch. Yola of Long-Worth
1951 Ch. Tawnee v Liebestraum
1952 Ch. Afra v Heilholtkamp - ROM
1953 Ch. Ulla of San Miguel
1954 Ch. Jem of Penllyn
1955 Ch. Solo Nina of Rushagen - CD - ROM
1956 Ch. Kobeil's Barda
1957 Ch. Jeff-Lynn's Bella
1958 Ch. Tan-Zar Desiree
1959 Ch. Alice vd Guten Fee
1960 Am. & Can. Ch. Robin of Kingscroft - Am & Can Gr. Vic
1961 Ch. Nanhall's Donna - CD
1962 Ch. Bonnie Bergere of Ken-Rose UDT - ROM
1963 Ch. Hessian's Vogue - ROM
1964 Not Awarded
1965 Ch. Mar-Sa's Velvet ot Malabar
1966 Ch. Hanarob's Touche
1967 Ch. Hanarob's Touche
1968 Ch. Valtara's Image
1969 Ch. DeCloudt's Heidi CD
1970 Ch. Bel Vista's Solid Sender
1971 Ch. Aloha von Bid-Scono - ROM
1972 Ch. Cathwar's Lisa v Rob - ROM
1973 Ch. Ro San's First Love
1974 Ch. Lor-Locke's Tatta of Fran-Jo - ROM
1975 Ch. Langenau's Tango
1976 Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill - ROM
1977 Ch. Charo of Shiloh Gardens
1978 Ch. Jo-Sans Charisma
1979 Am. & Can. Ch Anton's Jesse
1980 Ch. Lacy Britches of Billo
1981 Ch Anton's Jenne - Am & Can Gr. Vic.
1982 Ch. Merkel's Vendetta
1983 Ch. Von Ivo's Blithe Spirit
1984 Ch. Jeanden's L'Erin of Langenau
1985 Am/Can Sel. Ch. Lynrik's Kristal T.C. - Am & Can. Ch.
1986 Ch. Dawnhill's Carli
1987 Ch Howard's Magic Moment - Am. & Can. Gr. Vic. C.D.
1988 Ch. Sea-Lair's Ciera
1989 Ch. Altana's Kricket
1990 Ch. Amber's Rosie of Bracewood
1991 Ch. Brentaryl's West Side Story
1992 TR's Guinevere v Kenlyn
1993 Ch Hoheneichen-Avalon Chinadoll
1994 Ch Leiter's Cross My Heart
1995 Ch. Jerr's French Pastry
1996 AOE Am Ch. & Can. Sel. Ch. Inflight's Heaven Only Knows OFA, TC, HT, PT
1997 Ch. Kate Vom Cypress II 
1998 Ch. Rallyn's Que Sara of Starfire, 
2001 Ch. LINDENHILL'S VOODOO LILY, DL785282/01, 04/20/99
2002 Ch JECODA KEYLIS JEST 'N THYME, TC, DL760265/05, OFA H GS-60216G25F-T
2003 Sel CH Kridler's Ruby v Highland Acres
2004 Sel CH Hickoryhill's Godiva Sirius Park
2005 AOE Sel Ex Ch. Falcon's WeLove Liberty TC, RN, TC  DL897831/04 OFA GS-70165E33F-PI EL 16904F-33PI
2007 Sel Ch. Marhaven's Black Orchid
2008 Sel Ch. Hiena Gomez
2009 Sel Ex Ch. Signature's Miami V Kridler
2010 Sel Ch Wolf Creek Aquilla of Merivern
2011 GCh Eko-Lan N EJM's Encore
2012 GCh Jagan Lenlor’s Solike Happy
2013 GCh Depahl's Halston
2014 CH Dershimer Alea V Elite Design Tokaye
2015 GCH Windfalls Who Says V Chablis
2016 GVX CH Norberge's Razzle Rosarita of Clayfield
2017 GCH CH Tazzman's Extra Special
2018 CH Welove Duchien's Sweeter than Honey