Agility Victor/Victrix

The Agility Victor or Victrix is chosen every year at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Specialty Show. For a list of past winners, click "read more" below.


Agility Victors/Victrixes

1996 None
1997 None
1998 Ninja TD OA
1999 None
2000 Britta Von Wadekamper CD MX MXJ
2001 Kanto AlishyAnn Malone Jerome CDX MX MXJ
2002 OTCH MACH Noonmark Della Vopo UDX
2003 MACH NJGSDR's Draven's Hangman's Fury CD
2004 MACH3 Kiahaus' Diamond Rio CDX
2005 MACH Kiahaus' Fast and Furious
2006 Emma Buettner von Cullman VCD2 UDS RAE MX MXJ
2007 MACH2 Kanto Alishyann Malone Jerome CDX PAX
2008 MACH3 NJGSDR's Draven's Hangman's Fury CD OF
2009 MACH2 Blackthorn's Deva XF