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The Law of Progressive Density by David Fritsche

Warning: This article is serious and contains no humor! That’s because I’ve had it with the do-gooders of the animal rights movement and the legislators that they own!

The value of the diamond is not in that it is made of carbon but that it has been crystallized into a density many times greater than its original component material. Time and pressure tends to create density. This is not just true in the formation of gemstones, but it is also true in social structures. The longer a group exists, the greater its social structures.

We see this law in motion in our government and, in my opinion; it has almost reached critical mass. Here is how it happens. The founders of this nation came here for several reasons. They came for religious freedom, for the opportunity to get away from the confines of an old and tight country and for the adventure that this new land afforded them. They started with nothing more than the common law which was loosely based on broader ethical foundations, but which they interpreted anew in this grand new social experiment. The leaders of the day were employed in a variety of commercial ventures and volunteered their time to serve as the nation needed their attendance.

But we grew, and we changed and the law of progressive density took over without our ever knowing it. There were problems in our land that the Ten Commandments did not specifically address, so our leaders got together and made new laws, one here, one there and then some more. In the making of laws there was no end and so we decided to pay or leaders to be there full time. And what do you think they thought they were supposed to do? Make more laws, develop more programs and solve more problems. They, without understanding the dynamic that they were sucked into, participated in the law of progressive density.
Time went on and with its passing, there were more laws and more regulations that were not laws passed by our legislators, but since the law of progressive density is as it is, there was no time to make enough laws to cover the growing governmental bureaus that developed, so the leaders allowed them to make their own regulations and then the penalties for not obeying them. Before long, those regulations for each governmental agency were so vast and powerful that they were greater in volume than the laws passed by congress. Now, years later, the compounding of this subtle process gives us Federal Law, State Law, County Ordinances, City Ordinances, plus the regulations of HUD, IRS, CDC, DOA, USFS, DOE, USDA, and an endless list of acronyms no sane person knows or understands. Each has enough volumes of regulations and policies to keep the world warm through 100 future ice ages should we burn them for heat – which may not be a bad idea anyway

The end result of this phenomenon of progressive legal density is that it is virtually impossible to step outside ones door in the morning without breaking some law or failing to comply with some bureaucratic regulation. It is overpowering in the sheer weight of the density we have created, and yet, unlike the diamond, it does not increase the value one bit. One of the powerful things that happens in this increase of regulation is that the objective becomes smaller and more minute as time goes on. That is, we started with “Thou shalt not murder,” an now we are down to, even if you planted the tree ten years ago, you have to have a permit and environmental clearance before you cut it down to do something on your own property. Really! I kid you not! Some communities tell you what color to paint your house, and where to park your car.

In that increased density of regulation, we have come to a time when a group of people, presumably interested in helping poor unfortunate animals, has decided that the rest of us are ignorant fools who need more regulations concerning how to treat our animals, how many we can have and whither or not we are bright enough to breed them or not – with the current emphasis on NOT! You will not breed.
Now that our law against murder has worked so well (sarcasm intended), we now turn out efforts and the tremendous cost of making legislation to those mean and evil sorts who own animals and those ring leaders of animal abuse, the hobby breeders. The proliferation of legislation in our day is astounding. It is as though legislators were setting around with nothing better to do and someone threw them a ‘regulation bone’ and off they went in a feeding frenzy of “Ah, ha! Now we have something to do besides creating scandals.”

Has it ever occurred to any one elected official that, number one, there is a line of common human decency past which leaders should not pass… You know like the bill of rights that suggests that we are endowed by our creator with certain rights and were probably given sufficient brains to handle those rights and to pursue the fundamentals of life and liberty without some government rule, regulation or dictate to guide us?
Has it ever occurred to any one elected official that, number two, just because you are elected to office does not necessarily mean that you should find some new human activity that is unregulated and set government standards for it? How about just go off to your capitol in Washington or where ever else you are going and play golf for four years and leave me and my dogs the hell alone! Let’s suppose that we have sufficient instincts and knowledge to live life and have good days without your permission or inspection! How on earth did our forefathers get by without everyone trying to save them from themselves and their animals?

Enough! Way over the top enough!!!

Yes, I’m ticked – you know, mad as a hornet!!! What on earth are we doing to our American dream? What is happening to our pursuit of happiness and the freedom that is supposed to attend it? For we who love our animals and who enjoy the finer pursuits of the sport of the purebred dog, the sky IS falling. City after city, county after county, and state after state is being led into the frenzy of a legislative euphoria, as though they were hooked on some mind altering drug and set to see that their legislation is tighter than the one in the other jurisdiction. It is mind boggling how apparently well meaning leaders of a free society turn around to think that our freedom is dangerous to us and our neighbors.

I have a proposal! Don’t vote for anyone who says they are going to go to the capitol and solve problems and give us more benefits. Vote for the lazy candidate who says they are going to do nothing for us but eliminate more laws than their counterparts can pass. How about electing the guy or gal who promises to be absent from most legislative sessions and to spend time on the streets with their constituency, playing pool and coaching little league.

The law of progressive density has done its work and the pressure and time has compressed our freedom to own and breed our beloved dogs into a crystallized mass, but it doesn’t smell like a diamond. It has the strange odor of a pile of refuse left by all the departing animals, running for their lives.

Let’s stop this nonsense.