2022 Futurity/Maturity Host Clubs and Dates

Northeast Iroquois GSDC of Syracuse Sun., July 10, 2022 Waterloo, NY
Mid Atlantic Lehigh GSDC Sun., March 20, 2022 Barto. PA
Southeast GSDC of Greater Raleigh Sun., April 17, 2022 Fayetteville, NC
Great Lakes GSDC of Central Ohio Mon., May 30, 2022 Wilmington, OH
Midwest Illini GSDC Fri., May 13, 2022 Springfield, IL
Southwest Rocky Mountain GSDC Sat, May 21., 2022 Greeley, CO
South Pacific GSDC of San Gabriel Valley Sun., May 1, 2022 Moorpark, CA
Mid Pacific GSDC of Reno Fri., April 8, 2022 Garnerville, NV
Northwest GSDC of Eugene OR Sun., July 17, 2022 Albany, OR











Northeast first choice judge Joann (Corbin) Richards
Northeast first alternate judge Richard (Rick) Orlowski
Northeast second alternate judge Cheryl Olson
Mid Atlantic first choice judge Michael Metz
Mid Atlantic first alternate judge Jim Hall
Mid Atlantic second alternate judge Zoa Rockenstein
Southeast first choice judge Randy Chesnut
Southeast first alternate judge Art Sinclair
Southeast second alternate judge Joanna Rand
Great Lakes first choice judge Anita Clouse
Great Lakes first alternate judge Sharon Avery
Great Lakes second alternate judge John Vaught
Midwest first choice judge Dick Jones
Midwest first alternate judge Lamar Frederick
Midwest second alternate judge Erin Nellis
Southwest first choice judge Lorry Bellah
Southwest first alternate judge Nancy Godek McDonald*
Southwest second alternate judge Art Sinclair
South Pacific first choice judge Martha Simonett
South Pacific first alternate judge Michael Sherman
South Pacific second alternate judge Cheryl Olson
Mid Pacific first choice judge George Berstler
Mid Pacific first alternate judge Kathaleen Strong
Mid Pacific second alternate judge Sandy Anderson
Northwest first choice judge Richard Lortie
Northwest first alternate judge Donna Calabrese
Northwest second alternate judge Christi Halliday
    *approval pending