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10/17-20/18 Dogs - G Birch
Bitches - M Goldfarb
Intersex - J Moses
Jr Showmanship - M Goldfarb
GSDCA National - Conformation/Jr Showmanship
10/17-20/18 Bitches - G Bitches & Best
Dogs - M Goldfarb
GSDCA National - Futurity/Maturity Finals
10/17-20/18 R Cox
L Lazzara
R Capsel
GSDCA National - Obedience/Rally
10/17-20/18 G Baudet
T Parciak
GSDCA National - Herding A/B
10/17-20/18 G Baudet GSDCA National - Herding C
10/17-20/18 V Ramirez
S Ammerman
GSDCA National - Tracking
10/13/18 AM Conf - K Anderson
PM Conf - D Hokkanen
OB&Rally - E Chase
GSDC of Greater New Haven

SAT PM Judge: Phil Miller
SUN PM Judge: Dick Jones

Sat AM: Michael Cheeks
Sat Juniors: Joyce Quick
Sun AM: Sharon Newcomb

German Shepherd Dog Club of North Georgia

German Shepherd Dob Club of Atlanta

09/28/18 Males - C Ludwig
Females - D Gabriel
2018 GSDCA Sieger Show
09/18/18 Conf - B Newby
Jr - M Kennedy
Ob - D Tessmann-Van Leaven
Rally - D Cecotti
GSDC of Western PA
09/08-09/18 Sat. Sept. 8-9 2018
Conf (am) Stephen Bloom
Conf (am) Randy Chesnut
Ob - (pm) Obedience & Rally: Loretta Lazzara
Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018
Conf : Evan Ginsburg
Ob - Obedience & Rally: Charles Kline
The German Shepherd Dog Club Wisconsin
09/01/18 E Trocki GSDC of Northern New Jersey
09/01-02/18 Sat AM - B Stiefferman
Sat PM - I Nogueras
Sun - J Martin
Wolverine GSDC of W MI
08/11-12/18 Sat AM - Charoltte LaRosa
Sat PM - Joseph LaRosa
Sun AM - Randy Chesnut
Sun PM - Kevin Reynolds
GSDC of Pikes Peak & GSDC of Rocky Mountain
07/15/18 G Szymczak Northwest Futurity
07/13-14/18 Friday - Dick Jones
Saturday - AM - Herbert (Bud) Drew
Saturday - PM - Ellie Carson
Obedience & Rally - Donald Rennick
GSDC of Greater Eugene
06/24/18 N Harper Mid Pacific Futurity
06/23/18 Ginny Altman GSDC of Alaska
06/10/18 K Potter Midwest Futurity
06/09/18 D Smith GSDC of Greater New Haven
06/08-09/18 Fri - B Vujovich
Sat - B Kindy
GSDC of Greater Kansas City
05/28/18 S Bloom Great Lakes Futurity
05/27/18 AM - C Mardecz
PM - R Kindy
GSDC of Central Ohio
05/26/18 AM - R. Drescher
PM - R. Orlowski
GSDC of Greater Cincinnati
05/19-20/18 Sat AM - S Israel
Sat PM - K Tank
Sun - R Sandell
Rocky Mtn GSDC and Pikes Peak GSDC
05/18/18 R Slay Southwest Futurity
05/13/18 C Foss Northeast Futurity
05/12-13/18 Saturday AM - Michel Chaloux
Saturday PM- Tony Monk
Sunday - Cyndi Flautt
GSDC of St. Louis
05/05/18 AM - J White
PM - N Harper
GSDC of Northern Ohio
05/04/18 AM - R Ambrosio
PM - C Halliday
GSDC of Northern New Jersey
04/29/18 G Berstler Southeast Futurity
04/28/18 AM - R Sandell
PM - M Chaloux
GSDC of East Tennessee
04/22-23/18 Sat AM - M Chaloux
Sat PM - H Stiefferman
Sun - S Israel
GSDC of Austin
04/15/18 S Yergin Southern Pacific Futurity
04/15/18 AM Conf - D Jones
PM Conf - D Canod
GSDC of Southern New Hampshire
04/14-15/18 Sat AM - N Harper
Sat PM - J Bemont
Sun - R Kindy
GSDC of Greater Charlotte
04/13-15/18 Fri - S Israel
Sat AM - L Frederick
Sat PM - C Battaglia
GSDC of Southern AZ
04/07/18 J Graham Mid Atlantic Futurity
04/06/18 AM - D Rinke
PM - D Crane
GSDC of North Florida
04/01/18 AM - J Graham
PM - B Ghigleri
GSDC of Reno
03/31/18 AM - I Nogeras
PM - K Reynolds
GSDC of Sacramento
03/17-18/18 Sat - R Sandell
Sun - J Kilgour
Diablo Valley GSDC
03/16-18/18 Fri - F Rood
Sat AM - R Chesnut
Sat PM - R Drescher
Sun - C Flautt
Lehigh Valley GSDC
02/18/18 AM - L Frederick
PM - B Bartley
Illini GSDC
02/17-18/18 Ob & Rally - L Cox
Ob & Rally - H Olbrich
Grand Canyon GSDC
02/17/18 AM - L Bunch
PM - G Szymczak
Shoreline GSDC
02/10-11/18 Sat - M Cheeks
Sun - L Brown
Santa Maria-San Luis Bay GSDC
01/13-14/18 Sat - K Potter
Sun AM - S Polk
Sun PM - K Tank
Golden State GSDC
01/05-07/18 Fri AM - L Bankhead
Fri PM - R Sandell
Sat AM - V Bemont
Sat PM - M Imhoff
Sun - R Kindy
Florida Sunshine Circuit