Youth Recognition Form

We are adding pages to the GSD Review to recognize significant GSD accomplishments for young people 17 years old or younger.  This form will give proper authorization.

Junior Handling Classes

Junior competition has  three classes divided by age: Junior (ages 9-11), Intermediate (ages 12-14), and Senior (ages 15-18).  Competition for a Best Junior Handler is between the winner of each age group and the Junior/Senior class.

Did you Know?

The Junior program is based on a year-long accumulative point system with the winner receiving the Robert Hamilton Award Trophy at the National.  In addition, a GPA Scholastic Award (a $100 savings certificate) is available to the Junior with the highest GPA submitting points.

GSDCA Junior Program

The GSDCA Juniors Program was designed to stimulate interest, encourage participation, and support young handlers of German Shepherd Dogs. 

  1. The GSDCA has a special, free membership available for Juniors who would like to join.  To join the GSDCA as a Juniors membership, click here.
  2. Juniors also receive recognition for completing a title in a performance event (obedience, agility, herding, or tracking). 
  3. Performance Award plaques are awarded at the National to any junior finishing an AKC performance title.
  4. A seminar is offered annually at the National Specialty Show.  All interested juniors, parents, guardians, and sponsors are encouraged to attend.  The seminar offers hands-on ring time and tutoring with experienced handler.

2013-best-junior-handler-jaclyn-smithJuniors are judged on their ability to present (handle) their dogs the same as those who compete in the breed ring. AKC recommends the loose leash temperament test be part of a judge’s evaluation of any junior handling a German Shepherd at either a specialty or All-Bred Show.

Although the GSDCA has programs to recognize the success of it's Juniors, it believes that Juniors are motivated not by prizes but by the opportunity to exhibit in the sport, to learn and develop as handlers, and to met and enjoy new friends as they prepare for the future of the sport of dogs. 

The GSDCA wants to encourage, teach, and support Junior handlers of German Shepherd Dogs as an important part of the future of this breed.