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HeartStar Shepherds

Heart Star Shepherds    
Specializing in Family German Shepherds
We are breeding a loving family German Shepherd that is smart, obedient, loyal, healthy, as well as protective. We are crossing German Show lines dogs with our American Show lines in such a way to preserve the calmer American temperament while adding fresh genetics to the American Shepherd’s gene pool for health and longevity purposes.
We have over 35 years experience with German Shepherd Dogs. We are in good standings with the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherds Dog Club of American, and most importantly our growing  Heart Star family.  We are a Signer of the GSDCA Breeder’s Code of Ethics. 
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Call or text  770 605 0302
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Ransomshire Shepherds

Are you looking for a breeder who takes time to raise and nurture your pup in those important early weeks of life?   Correct early stimulation is a huge plus.

If you've done your research you know how important it is to the development of a puppy to have the proper human attention and handling to stimulate their brain's development. 

Ransomshire Shepherds located near Raleigh, NC

Superb pups for your family.  Breeding almost 20 years for Health, Intelligence, Stability, Beauty, and Excellent Temperament.  Our dogs excel in companionship, therapy, and protective instinct, with suitability for work in tracking, agility, Search & Rescue, etc.  Our breeders are DM normal, hips OFA good.  We care.

Ransomshire Shepherds is dedicated to the GSD with a beautiful MIX of European and American Lines for better health.  

Located on a 60-acre farm, our dogs have room to play and do herding and tracking.  

We typically breed only once each year and have a waiting list for puppies so inquire early.  Occasionally we have an older pre-trained juvenile for sale.

Raised at our home with Monks of New Skete methods, much time is devoted to these puppies' early development including socialization with kids, crates,  backyards, mowers, trimmers, firecrackers, etc.

Visit our website (and the Read More section below) for photos & much more information.

Our website has many more photos.  We love these dogs!  You may ask for a copy of a puppy owners application to begin to reserve a special puppy for you.

AKC Breeder of Merit
Signer of GSDCA Breeders’ Code of Ethics

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