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Litter Nomination Form
German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.
2008 National Futurity
Litters Whelped Oct. 1, 2006-Sept 30, 2007.
Litter Nominations close January 1, 2008

  • Breeder or Co-Breeder of the AKC registered litter must be a member of the GSDCA or must apply with this nomination.
  • An individual owner may nominate a litter, but this form must be signed by the breeder and the breeder must nominate the litter in the region which the breeder resides.
  • Nomination fee will be $25.00 per litter for members of the GSDCA or those applying for membership with an enclosed form and fee. Nomination is limited to members of the GSDCA or applicants for membership. Nomination is extended to 120 days by paying late fees of $50.00 in addition to the $25.00 or until nominations close with a late fee of $100.00 in addition to the $25.00
  • No fee may be refunded.
  • Make check or money order (in US funds only) payable to GSDC of A.
  • Forward completed litter nomination and fee to GSDCA Futurity to
    Jim Rau Dog Shows, LTD.,
    PO Box 6898, Reading, PA 19610,
    PHONE:610.376.1880: Fax: 610.376.4939

    within 90 days following date of whelping.
  • A four generation pedigree must be submitted with this nomination.
Date of Whelping:

Month_____ Day _____ Year _____

Date of this nomination:

Month ____ Day ___ Year ___

Number of Puppies _____


Sire:_____________________________________________AKC #:______________________


Dam:____________________________________________AKC # :_____________________


Breeders name: _________________________________________

Breeders address: ________________________________________


City: ________________________________________ State: ______ Zip: ____________

I enclose $ ____________ for the litter nomination in Region _____________________

SEND FORMS TO: Name: _____________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________


City: _______________________________ State: ____ Zip: ___________


Quantity: ________ Signed: ______________________________________

Tel. No.: _________________________



Juvenile Litter Questionaire Litter # ___________


Sire:_______________________________ AKC #:________________OFA Cert. __ Yes __ No


Dam:______________________________AKC # :________________OFA Cert. __ Yes __ No

TOTAL NUMBER OF PUPS ________ Males: _______Females:_______

Still born: Male: ____ Female: ____ Died within 3 weeks: Male:____ Female: ____

Color code:

Black = B;

Sable = S;

Black & Tan = B/T;

B1 color = B1C;

Blue = Blue;

Brown = LV

Males: 1____ 2____3____ 4 ____ 5 ____ 6____ 7____ 8____

Females: 1____ 2____3____ 4 ____ 5 ____ 6____ 7____ 8____


(leave blank unless applicable)
Long Coats M__ F__ Fading Puppies M__ F__ Heart: (ask vet for diagnosis)
Monorchid M__ F__ Cryptorchid Males M__ F__ Murmur M__ F__
M__ F__ Cleft Palates M__ F__ PDA M__ F__
Dwarfism M__ F__ Carpal Syndrome
M__ F__ PRAA M__ F__
Undershot Bite M__ F__ Overshot Bite M__ F__ SAS M__ F__
Level Bite M__ F__ Wry (twisted) Bite M__ F__ OTHER:  (Please Specify)___________
Ankylosis M__ F__ Seizures M__ F__ Band around esophagus due to PRAA M__ F__
 ESOPHAGEL: (Ask vet for diagnosis --
See BLUE BOOK II for articles)
Dilation or "Ballooning" of the esophagus
M__ F__    

List three outstanding qualities of this litter:

1._________________________ 2._________________________ 3._________________________

Particular Problems (Structure, Gait, Temperament):______________________________________

Futurity Regional Areas

REGION # 1 NORTHEASTERN - Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut -

REGION # 2 MID-ATLANTIC -New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia. -

REGION # 3 SOUTHEASTERN - North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississppi, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Puerto Rico -

REGION # 4 GREAT LAKES - Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky -

REGION # 5 MIDWESTERN - Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Mnnesota -

REGION # 6 SOUTHWESTERN - Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico -

REGION # 7 SOUTHERN PACIFIC - Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, *Southern California (all counties south of San Luis Obispo; Kern & San Bernardino)-

REGION # 8 MID-PACIFIC Nevada(Except Las Vegas), Utah, Northern California (all counties north of San Luis Obispo; Kern & San Bernardino) -

REGION # 9 NORTHWESTERN - Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Alaska, all of Canada -

Mail form to: Jim Rau Dog Shows, LTD.,
 PO Box 6898, Reading, PA 19610,
PHONE:610.376.1880: Fax: 610.376.4939

updated 1/30/2008