1991 Grand Victor
Ch. Woodsides' Nestle's Quik v Merwestyn

GV Ch. Woodsides' Nestle's Quik v Merwestyn ROM
Breeder: I. Newberry & S. Anderson
Owner: Gloria Birch and Cappy Pottle
DOB: November 27th, 1984

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

1987 GV Ch. Rio Valle's Nestle's Crunch ROM

Dolmar's Meghan of Springrock
1991 GV Ch. Woodsides' Nestle's Quik v Merwestyn HT, TC, ROM

Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM

Can. Ch. Woodside's Chelsey v Windigail

Marwade's Guinivere Isis ROMC

GSDC of America---September 27th, 1985---9 to 12 Puppy Dog

"Slightly better in general overall balance than my 2nd dog (Marlin's Robalo of Mi-Lyn-Mar). Good topline and correct angulation front and rear. Very nice, typey puppy with excellent temperament."

-Thomas Bennett

GSDC of Southern Arizona---December 7th, 1985---Winners Dog

"This is the most elegantly handsome young male I have seen in many a moon. His outline and pigment would fit within the most detailed scope of our standard. His attitude was outstanding as was his temperament. He was barely over one year of age when I judged him, and yet possessed and displayed all of the secondary male sex charateristics that are so lacking today in our male dogs. Because of his age, and huge size, he showed a little looseness and roll on his topline, but, at the same time, reached and drove well and was extremely clean coming and going. I would like to see a darker eye."

-Sam Lawrence

GSDC of America---November 17th, 1988---Select #8

"A very nice moving dog who moves smoothly rather than with the drive of the leaders. Pushes off well. Loses a little in transmission, but reaches well. Very nice shoulder with a matching rear end. Handsome stallion type, with good bone, and substance. Has a light eye in a rather dark face that detracts a little, as does one ear with the tip missing. Beautifully pigmented. Reasonably clean coming and going, but could have more desire to do the job."

--Ralph Roberts

GSDC of America---1990---Select #8

"... a beautiful, large, masculine, black and tan male. Very impressive. Smooth mover, performed well, clean coming and going."

~ Ed Barritt


1989 Register of Merit Sire



Ch. Omega's Solitaire ROM
Ch. Omega's First Edition
Ch. Hyline's Duran v Woodside ROM, TC
Woodside's Indigo
Ch. Echolane's Jo-San's Eve ROM ROMC
Jo-San's Wild Rose
Ch. Von Saar's Starsky
  Ch Von Saar's Flint v Woodside
Ch. Northfleet's John Elway
Ch. Northfleet's Jim McMahon
Ch Cresther's Blast of Kenlyn CD TC
Ch Aladdin's Memphis
Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Teaser
  Ch Cresther's Barbie of Kenlyn
  Ch Kubistraum's Gemini Mur Mar
  Ch Northfleet's Rally Girl
  Ch Sharobi's Parco's O-Ring Mister
  Ch Trisohn's Risque
  Ch Windigail Nightwind Jasmine

Ch Woodside's Marriott Von Saar ROM

  Ch. Jericho's Sweet Briar D'Arte
  Ch. Jericho's Julliard D'Arte ROM
Ch. Toiabe Jubel Hannah Bantry HS, TC
Ch. Toiabe Jubel Margery Daw HT, TC
Ch. Windigail Caretti's Luzianna CD
Ch Hiddenaces' Temptation
Von Nauckessierra Sue CD HT TC
Can. Ch. Von Saar's Klassic
Maranatha's Rome Beauty TC HT BH
Kubistraum's Leo CD CGC TC

Denotes a member of the 13 club