Ch. Woodland's Steeler

Ch. Woodland's Steeler
OFA GS - 17172
Breeders/Owners: Birgit & Jack Rhoads
DOB: December 12th, 1983

Ch. Tara Bella's Impressario

1983 GV Ch. Sukee's Mannix ROM

Sukee's Windy
Ch. Woodland's Steeler

Ch. Ubrica's Alex

Woodland's Serenade ROM

  Campaigner's Geisha v Wil-O-Wes

GSDC of Mobile---November 30th, 1985---Winners Dog & Best Opposite Sex

"A large masculine black and tan male with excellent proportions. Head is very strong and masucline with strong muzzle and good back skull. The wither is high, the middle piece is short and very strong. The croup angle is excellent. The lenght could be ever so slightly longer. Forehand angulation is excellent. Hindquarter angulation is excellent. Underline is good and long. Long bones are straight Feet and pasterns are good. In gait, this dog is clean coming and going and has a powerful, balance, outreaching sidegait with a higher wither, deep undergoing rear, good transmission of power from the hindquarter to the forehand with good extension of the forehand. Excellent overall specimen who is young and hopefully will prove his worth as a producer. The breeders must pay attention to the size factor."

-Morton Goldfarb MD