Ch. Woodacre's Dakota ROM

Ch. Woodacre's Dakota ROM
Breeders: Sandra L. Edwards & Tedi Ginsburg
Owner: Sandra L. Edwards
February 12, 1981-1985 

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Durango ROM

Ch. Karagin's Krusader ROM

Caralon's Illa vd Lockenheim
Ch. Woodacre's Dakota ROM

Tanglefoot of Katzenjamer

Asgard's Dale of Katzenjamer ROM

  Katzenjamer's Sugarfoot

GSDC of America---1982---American Bred Dog

"Almost all black male of beautiful proportions.  Excellent head and earset.  Deep bodied and substantial with good secondary sex characteristics.  Excellent topline and adequate mid piece.  He is very smooth and effortless mover, showing good transmission but could be a bit better in forehand.  Ligamentation going and particularly coming did him in for winners.  A beautiful elegant animal."

-Ed Barritt

Sonomarin GSDC --- February 19, 1983---Winners Dog & Best of Breed

"Dark black and tan large handsome and very masculine, well developed excellent depth of body, moved coordinated in all 3 speeds especially fluid for such a large dog.  Could be a little cleaner coming and going.  Temperament and attitude were excellent.  A pretty picture both in posed and in motion."

-Pearl Wieselmann

GSDC of America---1984---Select #10

"A very deep bodied stallion type male with beautiful proportions.  A smooth effortless mover with a floating gait and suspension.  He could be better in forehand, he tends to lift and paddle in front.  He also could be better coming and he is good going, he tends to drop wither and rise over the croup in motion when on a loose lead, his white chest does distract the eye however he is a beautiful dog posed and has the smooth floating gait."

-Fran Ford

1985 Register of Merit Sire

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Ch. Woodacre's Fame


  Indicates a member of the 13 Club