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Winaki's Hanzel Apfelsine TC

Ch. Winaki's Hanzel Apfelsine TC
GS-55783G41M-T EL12029M61-PI
Breeder: Barbara Katona
Owners: Dr. Harolyn Van Every & Barbara Katona
DOB: December 2nd, 1995

Grafenwald's Atlas Norminhaus

Winaki's-Maria Apfelsine Nemo

Apfelsine Arriba v Scher-Lo ROM
Ch. Winaki's Hanzel Apfelsine TC

Ch. Kaimacha Barbados Fantasy

Winaki's Minuet

  Ch. Winaki Apfelsine Canada Dry

GSDC of America --- 1996 --- 9 to 12 Puppy Dog

"From a good class, but not as strong as the younger class. This dog didn't take a wrong step. He was a richly pigmented sable male with very adequate bone and substance. He reminded me of a male that I bred and had won a Novice class of 84 at the 1968 National. Dating myself aren't I?"

~ Kathleen Steen

GSDC of America---November 4th, 2000---Select #13

"Medium dark sable. Proportion is okay. Front assembly straight shoulder, short upper arm. I'd like to see stronger back in motion, and more reach in front. I'd like to see a stronger head and better earset. Overall pleasing from the side in motion."

-Joseph Bihari

Ch. Braunhaus Apfelsine Peter Pan