1999 Grand Victor
Ch. WeLove DuChien's R-M
an ROM

Am/Can. GV Ch. WeLove DuChien's R-MAN ROM
OFA-H GS-44229G25M OFA-E GS-EL5340
Breeder/Owner: Jeffrey Moebius & Jane E. Kerner
December 17, 1993-June 28, 2001

Ch. Raphael of Al-Clemya (Zeek x Evita)

Ch. WeLove DuChien's Matthew

WeLove Joy
1999 GV Ch. WeLove DuChien's R-Man ROM

Toro of Jeanden (Quik x Beige/Beau sister)

WeLove Langenau's Lucille

  Langenau's Reward

GSDC of America---1995---Best Opposite in Futurity

"An over-medium size dark black and tan, 22 months old. This male exemplifies the Standard in correct character, marked with a most distinct nobility. Very masculine. Standing he is very angulated; when he moves he becomes one compact outline of smooth, effortless motion. His topline posture from his strong ears to his tail are one smooth continuous flow of correctness. His wither and croup are properly placed and supported by a very firm back. He is clean going and coming.

It was fun watching this outstanding male all three days winning the 5 points and BOW under Fred Migilore and Select under Dr. Battaglia."

~ Dan Smith

GSDC of America---1995--- Open Dog & Winners Dog

"Medium to large predominantly black and tan dog, excellent secondary sex characteristics, sound, confident temperament, sound coming and going, good dry oval bone, good feet and pasterns, could not stand wrong, excellent sidegait, kept feet close to the ground, following through well. A dog with a working dog build. It was a pleasure to judge him. P.S. He also had a great day!"

~ Fred Migilore

GSDC of America---1995---Select #10

"This was the Winners Dog. He showed his youth early by his fatigue and the fact that he worked heard on Friday. His profile and sidegait were very pleasing and if he could be judged only standing and from the side he would have been ranked higher. Unfortunately, he is somewhat cow hocked when standing. I kept him in competition for a Select because he was a very correct dog with many excellent traits. He will have a better day when he matures. He is a black and tan that can be characterized as strong, agile and well muscled He is large boned with a dense coat and excellent secondary sex characteristics. His neck is strong and muscular, withers are high and they slope in his strong topline. His ribs are well sprung and when coupled with shoulder blades that are long and equal in length to his upper arm he is able to produce a smooth, effortless gait. His feet are strong and tightly articulated. His sidegait is his strongest attribute. His feet travel close to the ground and at a full trot his topline remains firm and level."


~ Carmen Battaglia

GSDC of America---1996--Maturity Victor


GSDC of America---1996-- Select #7

"a 3 year old male, of medium size, who has not fleshed out as yet, as he will with maturity. Very good bone, excellent pigment, dark eye. Nice shoulder, moderate rear assembly, with some flatness of croup. His strength? Powerful side movement, with a good, strong back. Nice coming and going, and he, too, already has OFA hips and elbows."

~ Ralph Roberts

GSDC of America --- November 7, 1998 --- Select #2

"Another strong masculine tan and mostly black male of appealing outline. Strong head, good earset, dark eyes, solid back and topline. A bit higher on leg than #1. Smooth mover, a shade loose going and bit straight in upper arm. Very pleasing overall. One of our best."

~ Edmond Barritt


GSDC of America---1999---Best of Breed/Grand Victor

"A richly pigmented black and tan male of excellent proportions. Excellent secondary sex characteristics. Excellent coming and going. His sidegait is balanced. Outreaching front and a strong hindquarter that finishes well. This comes from a properly angulated forehand and a hindquarter that is  not overdone. A croup that is long and properly angled. He has dry, hard bone, excellent topline, again, not overdone. He is one of the most correct dogs. I have seen in the 45 years I have been involved in our wonderful breed. I congratulate his breeders and owners. They must be very proud."

~ Fred Migilore

1998 Register of Merit Sire

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