Weidor's Isotta TC ROM

Weidor's Isotta ROM
OFA GS-12029 (H&E)
Breeder: Dorothy B. Weight Co-Breeders: Sharon & Al Gibson
Owners: Dorothy & Earnest Weight Co-Owner: Nadine Grady

Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM

Covy-Tucker Hill's Bentley

1976 GV Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill ROM
Weidor's Isotta ROM

Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM

Dolmar's Kristen

  Dolmar's Cameo of Spring Rock

1989 Register of Merit Dam

Ch. Weicho's Pantera
Ch. Weidor's Teufelburg Sunhawk TC
Ch. Weicho's Porsch TC
Weicho's Vienna v. Scheinuch TC

  Denotes a member of the 13-Club