Valmy's Coaltown ROM

Valmy's Coaltown ROM

Breeder: Kate Mardecz
Owners: Kate & Charles Mardecz

  Ch Doppelt-Tay's Hammer ROM
  1978 GV Ch. Baobab's Chaz ROM

Ch Pinebeach's Darlin'
Valmy's Coaltown ROM

Valmy's Elkon

Ch. Valmy's Uncola CD

  Rasselo's Alleuiah

"... fluidity and ease of motion covering the maximum amount of ground with the least amount of effort."

-Helen Gleason 

1984 Register of Merit Sire

Select Ch. Blasienberg's Popcorn
Ch. Blasienberg's Yuccatan
Select Ch. Bachchen's Jori
Bachchen's Echo v. Pinebeach
Ch. Breauhausen's Coal Dust
Ch. Monford's Rolls Royce
Forsheer's Jessica
Ch. Aetheling's Dardan
Bachchen's Ember of Pinebeach
Ch Breauhausen's Raven
Ch. Pinebeach's D Pink Panther
Ch. Pinebeach's Designer Jeans
Scher-Lo's Rhapsody  

  Indicates a member of the 13 Club