Ch. Von Ryan's Skandius Clayfield

Von Ryan's Skandius Clayfield

Breeders: Derry A. Hicks and Gloria H. Dramm
Owner: Donald C. Howarton and Sharon Earl
DOB: January 18th, 1984

Ch. Lochwood Sundance v Stuttgart

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM

Ch. Caprice Kitty Hawk ROM
Von Ryan's Skandius Clayfield

Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail  ROM

Ch. Karly v. Krammhof

  Covy-Tucker Hill's Carmelita ROM

Amarillo GSDC---October 13th 1985---Winners Bitch

"A very typey, balanced, feminine bitch that was such a pleasing picture both posed and in motion. Her Winners Class individual exam while gaiting on a loose lead was just beautiful."

-Lew Bunch


Central New Mexico GSDC --- September 17th, 1988 --- Best of Breed

"... this four year old rich black and tan bitch is a real star and showman. She was in gorgeous coat, had a fantastic attitude, and was a lovely mover. She exuded type and ws beautiful. She was a true bitch --- when she was pushed by the Winners Bitch, she tried to get her. This bitch thinks she's special and she is. This one can truly represent our Breed --- beautiful type with movement and mind. She can win at Specialties and at All-Breeds."

~ Ms. Kathy Edwards Casteel, Esq.