Von Nassau's Delight ROM

Von Nassau's Delight ROM
Owner: Mrs. Ginger Wasyluka

Youth Sgr Ch Cuno v.d. Teufelschlache SchH II

Jareaux Ferdl

Jareaux Annchen
Von Nassau's Delight ROM

Ch Jareaux Seahurst Buccaneer

Seahurst Countess

  Seahurst Endeavor

1966 Register of Merit Report

"Dee-Dee, now 9 1/2 years old, has been a family pet in the Wasyluka household for 6 years where, according to her owners, she has lived up to her name and has been a "delight" to live with. During that time she has produced 3 lovely litters. Dee-Dee is still active and gay, loves everybody and everything in the world except cats. Dee-Dee, like most of the ROM bitches, achieved her title when she is past middle age."