Ch. Von Anderhaus' Nikki

Ch. Von Anderhaus' Nikki
Breeders/Owners: G.W & J.S. Anderson


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Ch. Dirk-Avon Anderhaus

April von Auldhausen
Ch. Von Anderhaus' Nikki

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Fraulein Solo von Anderhaus

Choice von Anderhaus


GSDC of America---1978---Select #4

""Small to medium-sized, black nd tan, extremely feminine with a beautiful outline. She has a good back and topline both standing and in motion although she drops a shade in withers when going loose. She could be better behind and use a bit more front extension. Her performace was good overall, but at times she would charge ahead or slacken off giving an unevenness to her outline. The remainder of the time she was smooth and coordinated in motion and displayed a lovely and pleasing picture." "

-Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1981---Select #4

"Closely coupled, nice layback of shoulder, good rear, croup falls off slightly. Has strong back, with slight roach over loin. Good bone, substance, depth of body. nice head, dark eye, good pigment, excellent sex characteristics. Good side gaiter, drives well from the side, but works at it a little harder than those in front of her. Only fair coming at you."

~ Ralph Roberts


GSDC of America---1982---Select #10

"This is a very typey 6 1/2 year old, small to medium sized bitch. At the beginning I had her lead the pack but the longer she went the more she let down and I was not convinced about her soundness in temperament, yet I could not exactly penalize her in this respect. If she had displayed a more outgoing temperament she would have been further ahead in line. She is most certainly a well proportioned, well angulated bitch with soundness in motion and a good side-mover."

~ Judge Ernest Loeb