Ch. Vanessa vom Sonnenbachtal

Ch. Vanessa vom Sonnenbachtal 

Breeder: I S Anderson
Owners - J A Gish and I S Anderson


Starsign's Sting (Paleden son)

Firefall's Aztec

Starsign's Bot Schva
Ch. Vanessa vom Sonnenbachtal

Nando vom Sonnenbachtal

Yola vom Sonnenbachtal

  Ckekan of Don Jeri

GSDC of America---1983---Select #8

"Beautiful type, correct size, this bitch is clean at both ends. Beautiful feminine head with dark eye and good expression. Needs more extension, but uses everything she has. Excellent topline with strong sidegait and good transmission. Excellent condition."

~ Helen Miller Fisher

  Ch. Zhivago vom Sonnenbachtal