Ch. Valmy's Uncola CD ROM

Ch. Valmy's Uncola CD ROM

Breeder: Charles Mardecz
Owner: Kate Mardecz

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Tannenwald's Echo
Ch. Valmy's Uncola ROM CD

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

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Cinderella of Bow Creek


GSDC of America --- 1976 --- Bred by Exhibitor Bitch

"First Place went to Valmy's Uncola, an excellent overall well-balanced bitch that showed me the necessary qualities of conformation with the ability to move at all speeds and the proper character and temperament to place her first in her class."

~ Jack Ogren

GSDC of America---1977---Select #7

GSDC of America---1978---Select #2

"Larger, black and tan bitch, a shade longer, feminine, displaying a pleasing outline. She is a very coordinated and outreaching mover displaying excellent front extension. She is better at a faster speed and shows a good topline and back on a tighter lead. Although she performed beautifully, on a looser lead she has a slight tendency to show less firmness in back, and her underdrive and follow through are less efficient. A very nice package, good coming and going, showing elegance standing and excitement in motion."

~Ed Barritt


GSDC of America---1983---Select #9

"In placing this bitch, I made a statement. Obviously from the Veterans Class, she was in superb condition and held her own with her beautiful sidegait through the entire class judging. Beautifully pigmented, sound coming and going, excellent extension, firm back, with her teeth in better condition than most of the young animals. I felt she deserved tribute in the tradition of the Angelique bitch and the Reno dog. It's incredible to me that our thinking has turned around to a point where we consider 7-8 year old Shepherds as old. Even 15 years ago, it was not uncommon to have a Veteran take a Specialty Show. Who can forget the 1959 Grand Victrix Ch Alice von der Guten Fee coming back to the parade of Greats when she was 12 years and gaiting her heart out. Or when Grand Victrix Ch Bonnie Bergere UDT ROM gaited like a 2 year old when she was 9-10 years of age. We have the same thing in the Reno dog today. He has slowed down a little now but two years ago when he was 11 years, remember how he flew around that ring. We had better start examining our longevity problem very seriously. Our Shepherds should be living to between 12 and 16 years of age."

~ Helen Miller Fisher


1983 Register of Merit Report

"Select #2 Ch. Valmy's Uncola C.D. is already well known by the fancy and now she adds the coveted ROM title to her list of achievements.  Kate and Charlie Mardecz have reason to be very proud of this lovely bitch.

"Uncola's sire is a Ch. Bernd grandson and her dam is a Lance daughter with Ch. Tannenwald's Igor ROM on the bottom line.  When bred to Ch. Frack v. Rosshaus ROM she produced two Champion daughter.  This breeding goes back to strong Bernd bloodlines through Ch. Cobert's Ernestine, the dam of Cobert's Melissa ROM, and to Lance through Reno and his brother Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan's Island ROM.  Her third Champion, Karma, is a daughter of Amber's Strider of Zar-Zal, again a line breeding on Lance through Hawkeye and on Bernd through GV Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh Gardens.  Uncola's son Valmy's Coaltown is a son of GV Ch. Baoaba's Chaz so again we have line breeding on Lance and Bernd, this time with Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hammer ROM and Reno.  Ch. Pinebeach's Cassanova is the sire of the 5th progeny, Valmy's Perhaps Love.  Again a line breeding on both Lance and Bernd."

~Connie Beckhardt 



1983 Register of Merit Dam

Valmy Coaltown ROM
Select Ch. Valmy's Perhaps Love
Ch. Pinebeach's Cassanova
Ch. Valmy's Karma
Ch. Valmy's Amanda

Ch. Valmy's A Pied Piper

Ch Valmy's First Edition


1984 Red Book

"A brief write-up of our beloved Uncola at this time must instead become her eulogy, Uncola died in the early morning hours of February 13th 1985 from bloat

Her show career was indeed illustrious by our standards. Uncola was rated Select at three National Specialties--the last being in Philadelphia in 1983 at the age of eight. She obtained her CD degree in one weekend at three successive shows. But the jewel of her show career was receiving her Register of Merit Award; her most outstanding progeny for us being Valmy's Coaltown, ROM and Ch. Valmy's Perhaps Love.

We did not think her show career as important, however as the private moments with her at Valmy. We remember such things as... the night before Intersex at the 1983 National Specialty in Philadelphia when she "pigged out" on Chinese food given to her by guests. Yet she still accomplished her task the next day (and you thought her bottomline was that way because of her litters.) The day when Dick and Jean Whalen were visiting at Valmy and Uncola jumped into Dick's lap as he sat on the sofa. Her matriarchal rule of Valmy--teaching each of her female daughters to respect their mother. Her selection of one puppy from each litter as her favorite (generally a male). Playing joyfully with this puppy and ignoring all other as though they were someone else's puppies.

The list could be endless, but you get the idea of the type of things that are our reminder of Uncola. As Spring approaches, the absence of Uncola becomes more difficult for us. For Uncola was Valmy, and most of what we've accomplished in the breed has been through her. We miss her greeting after arriving home at night and her eyes dancing with mischief as we check the kennel dogs. The longer one remains in the breed, the more difficult it becomes to accept the loss of a most precious dog. Whether the circumstances be natural or somewhat premature, the realization that you will never see them again is very painful. However, the evening before Uncola died, I had "loved" on her and told her how precious she was to us. I had the foresight to express my affection each day with Uncola, so I have some solace in knowing she understood our love."