Ch. Valmy's Perhaps Love

Am./Can. Ch. Valmy's Perhaps Love

Breeder: K. Mardecz
Owners: J. Ortigara & C. Mardecz


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Ch. Valmy's Perhaps Love

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Ch. Valmy's Uncola CD ROM

  Rassela's Alleuiah


Androscoggin Valley GSDC - September 29, 1984--Best of Breed

"A beautifully formed, medium sized, light tan and black of good type. In motion, she is one of the best. She
is a true suspended mover with excellent extension, underdrive and follow-through keeping her feet close to the ground. She looks equally as good on a loose or tight lead. Her back and topline are good but her
coat condition and color could be better."

--Judge Ed Barritt


GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Select #7

"An elegant bitch, a bit lacking in pigment and coat but beautiful in conformation. She moves with a balanced and outreaching gait and has an excellent topline. She is clean coming and going."

-Connie Beckhardt

1991 Register of Merit Dam

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