Ch. Valmy's Karma

Ch. Valmy's Karma

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Ch. Valmy's Karma

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Rassela's Alleluiah


Lehigh GSDC---March 18th, 1984---Best Opposite Sex

"A medium sized black and tan female with strong pigmentation and pronounced sex characteristics. A medium head with strgon ears and dark eyes. Normal length in coat with good proportions, normal underline and back. Her croup set was normal. In forequarter, her upper arm and scapula were long with an angle of 90 degrees. In hindquarter, she had a 90 degree angle with normal read pasterns. Her feet were normal with strong pasterns. In dentition, she had a correct scissor bite with strong teeth. In motion, she was clean coming and going with excellent sidegait, hindquarter and forquarter and a firm overline Her foot timing was 9."

-Carmen Battaglia