2001 Select Excellent
Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black HT, TC, ROM

Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black HT TC ROM
OFA GS61859G24M-PL/EL 12675-PL
Breeders: K. Aubrey
Owners: Yolanda B. Briscoe & Gloria F. Birch & Cappy Pottle
DOB: 05/07/99

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Rohan's Let's Celebrate
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Utopia's Sig Alert ROM

Utopia's Episode v Bachachers ROM

GSDC of America---November 10th, 2001---Select #9

"A medium-sized dog with good front and rear angulation.  Moves very easily with a good forehand and rear drive to go with it.  There is a nice, smooth motion to him.  Good back and topline.  A very nice overall package."

-Mr. Jack Newton

2003 Register of Merit Sire

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