Ch. Utopia's Gigalo TC

Ch. Utopia's Gigalo TC

Breeder: K. Aubrey
Owners: Kathy & Jim Aubrey
Date of Birth: June 2nd, 1996


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Ch. Utopia's Gigalo TC

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GSDC of America---November 1998 --- Maturity Dog

"An exceptional grey sable male. As he moved around the ring effortlessly he stood out in this group of four Maturity dogs. A beautiful and correctly proportioned head, strong correctly proportioned ears, long neck, high wither, strong short back and loin and gorgeous croup and tail set. He is very sound coming and going and has excellent reach and a powerful rear drive."

~ Helen Gleason


GSDC of America---November 1998---Maturity Victor

"He is very handsome, plush coated masculine sable dog with a strong middle piece, beautiful head, nice neckline, and is clean coming and going. He covers a lot of ground with a powerful rear drive and correct forehand. He also follows through very well in the rear, and suspends in motion. My decision was made on the dog because I loved his masculinity, which we are lacking in our breed today, and on his strong powerful motion and great exuberance he displayed in performing. He seemed to really enjoy it."

~ Edmond Barritt


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