Ch. Utopia's Paperback Romance ROM

Ch. Utopia's Paperback Romance ROM
OFA GS56756F27FT EL10308T
Breeder: Kathy A. Aubrey
Owner: Debra Kaser and Kathy Aubrey
DOB: April 15th, 1997

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Ch. Utopia's Paperback Romance ROM

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Orange County GSDC---March 28th, 1999---Winners Bitch

"A gorgeous red sable who is feminine and a knock out in motion. She is hard to miss. She has a good front, hard back and good rear with broad thighs. She may be a little extreme in rear angulation but she is clean and uses it perfectly. I had to tell the handler to slow her down as she loves to race, and she almost lost it. However, she did slow her down on a loose leash and could see the excellent motion in this bitch."

-Peggy Lee

2005 Register of Merit Sire

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