Ch. Utopia's Jitterbug Nordlitch

Ch. Utopia's Jitterbug Nordlitch
OFA GS64442G25F-PI EL13980F25-PI
Breeders:  Holly Tomlinson
Owners:  Gary & Patty Szymczak & Kathy Aubrey
DOB: June 7th, 2000

AOE GV Ch. Caralands Unlimited TC CD

Ch. Caraland-Survival Magellan

Survival Windgail Goldengait
Ch. Utopia's Jitterbug Nordlitch

Ch. Schokrest's  Frequent Flyer ROM

Internat'l Ch. Reflection of Nordlicht

  Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Spice Nordlicht

GSDC of America---November 8th, 2001---Novice Bitch

"Wrong name.  To me, a Jitterbug just dances around all over the place.  This wonderful, stylish and totally feminine bitch moves with no effort at all, and could easily work sheep all day.  Her feet are so close to the ground when gaiting that it is apparent she uses no effort at all to cover the maximum amount of distance with the least amount of steps.  A real superstar in the making and a pleasure to watch."

-Lew Bunch