Ch. Ulla of Rocky Reach II, ROM

Ch. Ulla of Rocky Reach II, ROM

Breeder:  Margaret Pooley
Owner: Court and Cale Cowley
January 21, 1954 ~ August 9th, 1962


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Ch. Ulla of Rocky Reach II, ROM

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Ch. Moritza of Rocky Reach ROM

Riva of Rocky Reach

1961 Register of Merit Dam

"Ulla was born January 21, 1954 and lived to August 9, 1962. Her owners, Court and Cale Cownley, enjoyed her long show career and bred her well enough to leave the West Coast a legacy through her progeny. The Cowley's were especially proud that Ulla had won the GSDC of San Diego Pacific Victrix trophy three times. Ulla came on as a new ROM in the 1961 report with 279 points to move above her relative and close nieghbor, the All Time Top Dam Belgarde's Roguetta ROM. Her sire was Ch. Jolly Arno of Edgetowne ROM CDX and her dam was Ch. Moritza of Rocky Reach ROM CDX."

Ulla was bought as a four-month old puppy by Court and Cale Cowley of Thousand Oaks, California from her breeder, Margaret Pooley of Rocky Reach Kennels. Margaret Pooley was one of the great early southern California breeders along with Johnny Michler and Zoey Brundred of San Miguel fame. For years they were good friends and bred to each others dogs and competed in the dog shows with each other. Throuh their breeding efforts they set a beautiful type and produced many champoins and consequently, many ROMs.

Ch. Moritza of Rocky Reach ROM, CD was a combination of those bloodlines. She was line-bred of Ch. San Miguel's Imp of Rocky Reach ROM, UD and his siter, San Miguels' Ch. Iva of Rocky Reach CDX 3-2. Their parents were Ch. Arno of San Miguel CDX and Ch. Franza of Rocky Reach ROM, CD. She recieved most of her ROM points from her bautiful fshow daughter, Ulla. Rocky Reach and San Miguel usually had at least two champions in a litter.

Margaret had bought Ch. Jolly Arno of Edgetowne ROM, CDX as a youngster. Margaret trained almost all her dogs to obedience degrees and her pedigrees are filled with dual titled dogs of her own making. Jolly Arno not only had a CDX but he came from a litter of renown with multiple champions and a beautiful pedigree. The breeding that produced the "J" litter of Edgetowne was in bred half-brother half-sister, 2-2 on Ch. Derry of Long Worth ROM, a top producer from the "D" litter. Jolly Arno's siblings were GV Ch. Jory of Edgetowne ROM, Ch. Jaunty of Edgetowne, Jan and Jumar. The pedigree between Ch. Vol of Long Worth ROM (1,126) All Time Top Sire for many years and Honorary ROM Ch. Orpha of Edgetowne was heavily linebred on Pfeffer 4,6,3*4,6,4. Combined with Moritza that made three lines to the "I" litter as Ch. Orpha of Edgetowne was a grand daughter on her dam's side of Ch. San Miguel's Ilo of Rocky Reach ROM, UD. So the Jolly Arno/Moritza pedigree reads 4-4,3 brother/sister Imp/Iva/Illo."

~ Cappy Pottle and Gloria Birch



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